If you are on Twitter you’ll have seen lots of fruity tweets with the hashtag #Princesbrekkie – several families have been chosen to receive a Princes fruity hamper to help us incorporate more fruit into our diets, starting with breakfast. The best of it is… it couldn’t be easier!

Breakfast time can be busy (and stressful!) but it really is the most important meal of the day. We decided to use some of our fabulous fruity treats for a buffet-style breakfast where we could explore!

Ready to dive in!


As you can see the fruity experiment was a huge success. Lots of tasting and mixing, fruit with toast, fruit on porridge (Kieran served Daddy a dish with different types), fruit on it’s own or with yogurt…. all washed down with lovely fresh fruit juices.

Any left up fruit has been chopped up and we are having fruit salad for pudding tonight so we will definitely be reaching our five portions a day target! Clearly incorporating fruit into our breakfast doesn’t have to be hard, or difficult. We will definitely be doing it more often.

Thumbs up to Princes!


Princes have generously offered to send one of my readers a fruity box of their own.

The Princes breakfast box includes a set of six bowls and six tumblers, table placemats, an alarm clock, a colouring book to entertain the kids, a relaxing candle for the mums, money-off coupons and, of course, a range of Princes canned fruit – including grapefruit segments, peach slices, pear halves, fruit cocktail, pineapple chunks and mandarin segments – and Princes pure juices.

To be in with a chance of winning simply leave a comment telling me your favourite fruit and leaving me a way to contact you.

**This giveaway ends on the 11th October and the winner will be chosen via a randomiser program.


***If I can’t get hold of the winner by the 18th October, a new winner’s name will be pulled.


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265 Responses to A Fruity Friday Feast – Breakfast with Princes

  1. I love strawberries! @wendymcd83
    Wendy McDonald recently posted..Rainbow Awards for Toy Excellence…The Winners

  2. Kelly says:

    My favourite fruit has to be watermelon, no cherries, no melon. OKay I like both, if I absolutely had to pick one I would go for cherry being my favourite (especially in a pie with lashings of cream – yum!)

    Kelly recently posted..Mars Bar Limerick

  3. Emmys Mummy says:

    Red grapes are my favourite, I could easily eat a whole bunch myself

    This prize may actually get me eating breakfast – I find it so boring so don’t usually bother.

    Emmys Mummy recently posted..Silent Sunday

  4. wendy says:

    My favourite fruit is either watermelon or strawberries, love them as equally as much

    wendy recently posted..Lilly’s Eco Clean Review

  5. Strawberries every time. Though blackberries come a very close second.
    liveotherwise recently posted..Not an award winning blog.

  6. Nikki Moore says:

    my fav fruit is bananas, I can be contacted on nikkimoore84@fsmail.net

  7. Yum. My favourite fruit is… um… mango… or strawberries… or…

    OK. Nectarines.

    But, really, it’s impossible to choose.

    Twitter = @TashaGoddard
    Tasha Goddard recently posted..First trip to A&E

  8. Britt T. says:

    My favorite fruit is bananas! Most definitely.


  9. Apples – Just so vesitile :)
    Paula Fazekas recently posted..Silent Sunday

  10. Nikki Thomas says:

    Definitely mango – great on its own, any time of day and you can use it some interesting recipes too
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..Silent Sunday

  11. Mine would have to be mango, lovely and sweet and reminds me of holidays

  12. Corinne says:

    I love raspberries! x
    Corinne recently posted..Silent Sunday

  13. Marina Frow says:

    Green grapes! Frozen or chilled, but once i start on them i cant stop!

  14. Kendel Gilbert says:

    Its got to be banana’s here x

  15. natalie aylott says:

    mine has to be ummm….raspberries, straight from the bush at the pick your own farm


  16. I am rather fond of the humble apple… especially Pink Lady!

  17. Stacey says:

    It’s a toss up between strawberries and pineapple – in fact, both together makes a lovely summer breakfast!

    Haven’t had tinned peaches though for ages – happy childhood memories!!


  18. Daisybeebee says:

    My favourite fruit is blackberries , could eat them all day long :)

    @daisybeebee x

  19. Mel Butcher says:

    My favourite fruit is Honeydew melon.

  20. Katherine Aitken says:

    My favourite fruit is Pineapple


  21. Beverley says:

    My favourite fruit is mango – I absolutely adore it in all its forms: juice, fruit itself, ice cream, sweets….It’s fabulous chopped and added to Greek yoghurt, sprinkled with brown sugar and grilled, cubed up into cereal, added to a crumble, frozen slices floating in a long drink, or just on its own!

  22. Sarah Walters says:

    The good old British apple is my favourite – especially now in ‘apple season’ support local ;)

    I’m sarahwalters99 on Twitter


  23. Jane Morfett says:

    Apples and strawberries are my favourite! I grew my own strawberries this year and it was great to just pick them from the garden and eat!

  24. ashleigh says:

    i love strawberries and raspberries the best!


  25. lynn savage says:

    Ilove lots of fruit but if I have to choose a favourite then it would be cherries.

  26. I absolutely love pineapples!
    @gidders1 on twitter

  27. Kate Cunningham says:

    My favourite is Mango but it can be a pain to prepare, even with my mango corer! And it has to be eaten at just the right time so it is sweet and juicy. When it is right, it is like nectar! Yum
    But for my favourite everyday fruit, it has to be banana and I always have one with me when I am out. When my kids didn’t want breakfast, I always insisted they took a banana with them. This morning my daughter was off to sit an important exam and my last words to her were ‘take a banana with you!’ I’m sure my grandkids will call me banana nana.

  28. Linda Callaghan says:

    Love strawberries and ping lady apples!
    email- callaghanlinda2@gmail.com

  29. Sue Carroll says:

    I love bananas, but have a soft spot for mango when on holidays (buts its never as nice in Ireland, too long in transit).

  30. coco says:

    I love pears! (corinneloisy@hotmail.com)

  31. Mark Rayner says:

    My Favorite Fruit is Grapefruit. @runningman1982 twitter.

  32. Sean Brady says:

    My favourite fruit is grapefruit. I love this with breakfast of a morning. NO sugar, just that lovely bitter taste. Mmmm!

  33. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Raspberries are my favourite … love ‘em!

  34. Maxine says:

    lemons – a little squeeze over most dinners makes them come to life!

  35. liz denial says:

    white grapes for me please

  36. Rhonda says:

    I love Bananas.

    @snowted on Twitter


    My favourite fruit is cherry!! I just love them. As a result I love cherry lip balms, candles, body lotion and anything else cherry flavoured/scented!!! Thanks xoxo

  38. Kim Clare says:

    Mango is my favourite fruit!

  39. Lakshmi says:

    I can’t decide beween Mangoes, Pineapple or Papaya.

  40. rena plumridge says:

    I love Bananas

  41. anthony harrington says:

    pineapple every time for me!

    on facebook as anthony harrington

  42. Lucy Walker says:

    I love honeydew melon

  43. June Munday says:

    I love bananas, particularly if they are only just ripe, hate the soft ones.

  44. Karen Bennett says:

    I love oranges – either as a whole fruit or as a drink.

  45. Sarah Edwards says:

    I love Lychees, because they taste like turkish delight!

  46. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Probably bananas – they are yummy and so versatile!

  47. stuart tanner says:

    i like all fruit but if i have to choose it gotta be the humble banana mmmmmmmmmm

  48. Jenny Eaves says:

    My favourite fruit has to be blueberries! Great competition!


  49. ruby harper says:

    Theres nothing in this world like a nice jucy pear

  50. Angie Allen says:

    Grapes for me

  51. claire says:

    I love bananas, tasty, low fat and filling…even comes in its own wrapper! @anywayup35 (twitter)

  52. katie says:

    my favourite fruit has to be Raspberries! MmmmYum!


  53. michael worth says:

    always have 2 apples a day,stopped eating rubbish food & apples always hit the spot when hungry.

  54. Gemma Harrison says:

    Strawberries x

  55. Joanne B says:

    I love most fruit – pineapple is a particular favourite and bananas are really handy if I need a boost after the gym! x

  56. Joanne B says:

    ooh – if you can’t see my email then I’m @josie301 on twitter x

  57. Sarah Laycock says:

    Completely addicted to limes, love the tart, citric thirst-quenching flavour

  58. Jenny Shearman says:

    Strawberries are my favourite

  59. kelly smith says:

    i love strawberries, my twitter is @kellyroxanne82 thanks for a fab prize

  60. lynn ward says:


  61. kirstine meredith says:

    Strawberries, Grapes or Oranges cant decide!

  62. Joanne says:

    physalis, especially fresh and warm straight from the greenhouse

  63. jennie jackson says:


  64. Anne Bostwick says:

    A pear for me, please!

  65. Ant says:

    Banana, by a long way. preferably when just turning spotty

  66. Rebecca John says:

    Watermelon is my favourite


  67. Coralie Pearson says:

    My favourite fruit are bananas and red grapes


  68. Georgina Ball says:

    Raspberries, can’t get enough of them and much healthier than reaching for a packet of crisps!

  69. lorraine weldon says:

    I really love Pineapples, as a fruit on it’s own, in salads and on pizzas. :)

  70. lucy osborne says:

    my absolute favourite fruit is red grapes! could eat them all day long

  71. Rachael Woodcock says:

    Lychees are my favourite fruit. Unfortunately they are hard to get, but that makes me look forward to them even more!

  72. Christina Curtis (@MissChristina86) says:

    Grapes. Tasty and Easy to Eat.

    Twitter: MissChristina86

  73. Chralotte says:

    Would have to be strawberries for me – yummy every time!

  74. Carina Blanc says:

    i love mangos just peeled and sliced. mmmmmm!

  75. garrett mccord says:

    Limes – great juiced with oranges but even better with rum!

  76. John says:

    Favourite fruit is crunchy Washington Red Apples.
    twitter sc297825

  77. Teresa Lee says:

    my favourite fruit is apricot

  78. Margaret says:

    I love Bananas.


  79. Jill Webb says:

    Rasberries are my favourites

  80. Julie Henderson says:

    i love plain old apples

  81. Nicole says:

    I love plums

  82. Caroline Scott says:

    I love apples because there are so many different varieties – soft, crunchy, bitter, sharp, tangy, sweet…………there is an apple out there for everyone! My current faves are kanzi apples but it is so hard to get them

  83. Zoe G says:

    Raspberries, I could eat them all day

  84. Emma Holness says:

    Cherrys are my favourite fruit.

    Twitter: @EmmaHolness

  85. Jemma Louise Beynon says:


  86. Paul Wilson says:


  87. alison wakefield says:

    I absolutely love cherries especailly straight off my tree you cant beat them.
    FB Alison Wakefield
    TW @couesquelan

  88. Rachel M says:

    AApples for me, as they are so versatile!

  89. Gemma Szwed says:

    My favourite fruit is pineapple, I am obsessed with the stuff and have a tin a day with my lunch!

  90. EMMA PRICE says:

    I adore juicy grapes but prefer red seedless ones to the green as they are more sweet.

  91. Julie Davies says:

    My fav fruit is bananas! twitter @buddybanana

  92. Judy Wright says:

    Banana’s :)

  93. Cassie bedford says:

    Favourite fruit is apples :)

    twitter @babymumbles

  94. Ann Mckenna says:

    I love raspberries. I eat them on their own, with cream or on cereal.

  95. Shell Louise says:

    Strawberries – on their own, in a salad, on cereal but most favourably, in Eton Mess!

    Shell Louise recently posted..The Gallery – Colour

  96. Stephen wilsonleach says:


  97. miss mamo says:

    I love pineapple it’s best crushed in a can yummy!
    miss mamo recently posted..Wanna Win A Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: The Tooth Fairy DVD?

  98. Amy Watson says:

    I love most fruits :) But i’d say my favorite is probably kiwi fruit. amy-ella@live.co.uk

  99. Solange says:


  100. Lorraine R says:


  101. sandy hill says:

    Pineapple :-)

  102. jane steels says:

    My favourite fruit is strawberries, because you can have them with lots of healthy things like, chocolate, cream, ice cream……….ops!

  103. Kerrie says:

    strawberries :) @kemo_2002

  104. Sean says:

    apples are my favourite velladabest1@hotmail.com

  105. Anne B says:


  106. Karen Barrett says:

    Mango! So versatile, so tasty, We eat it as a fruit, in smoothies and also ice-cream.

  107. Marta P says:


  108. Robyn Clarke says:

    I love kiwi fruit, its divine in a pavlova with some whipped cream


  109. gemma brown says:

    has to be a juicy nectarine for me. i can eat a whole punnet in one go lol. dorsetsem1985@hotmail.com

  110. Emma Andersson says:

    ooh, hard choice! But for me, probably pears, on there own or in a tart or with custard!

  111. Tania N says:

    My fave is the lychee. They’re yummy in jelly and you can freeze them in ice cubes to add to cocktails!
    Twitter @HelloTania

  112. Lorraine Kidd says:

    I love strawberries, watermelon… bananas… ahhh lol I love <3 Strawberry and Banana Smoothies!
    Twitter @Lorr_alien

  113. Harpal Kaur says:

    I love pineapples

  114. Amanda says:

    Passion fruit!! Yum yum!

  115. Adele Hill says:

    I love strawberries! but I must admit I love all fruit.

    tweet @compaddicted

  116. tracey scott says:


  117. nikki says:

    I love Pommegranites.I even find getting the seed/flesh fun. Have passed this on to my 2 boys, you’ll quite often fin the 3 of us pommegranite in hand small childrens fork in the other picking the yummy bits out! Hubby thinks we are mad!

  118. Ligaya Bolton says:


  119. Mark Palmer says:

    Fresh pineapple is unbeatable.

  120. EMMA WALTERS says:

    loving ripe nectarines at the moment :)

  121. Adam Frost says:

    Love the passion fruit!

  122. Donna Gilligan says:

    Lychees are my favourite

  123. Sonia Adkin says:

    Pineapple and Strawberry

  124. James Holyland says:

    love pears

  125. clare leahy says:

    i would say pink lady apples or raspberries :)


  126. philw says:

    love those grapefruit, once ate 8 in one day (and not much of anything the day after….)

    contact as email

  127. Daisybeebee says:

    My favourite fruit is Blackberries , love em x

    @Daisybeebee x

  128. Delyth Roberts says:

    Would have to be bananas especially with porridge :-) delythrbrts@yahoo.co.uk

  129. Dorothee77 says:

    My fave fruit is watermelon!! even with the seeds!

  130. sue cornish says:

    I think mine must be Apricots.

  131. Laura Sterling says:

    my fav fruit is mango its so juice and you can cook with it

  132. Old Fashioned Mummy says:

    Strawberries for me!

  133. Janet Dring says:

    I love nectarines.


  134. Carolin says:

    I love melon – so tasty!

    Carolin recently posted..Silent Sunday

  135. Joanne Martin says:

    I love Strawberrys & Peaches

  136. Banana!!! its so filling and great on top of any brekkie! x

  137. donna clarke says:

    cherries :)

  138. Katherine De Riera says:

    My favourite fruit is melon, I just love all the different types you can get and the juicy refreshingness on a hot day!
    You can contact me on twitter @sweet_Kat30
    Thankyou for the fab competition

  139. Jane Willis says:

    I love ALL fruit except figs. My current favourite is raspberries, straight fromthe garden.

  140. Jo Young says:

    I love grapes :)

    Twitter – @BoostieBoo

  141. Kelly Smith says:

    Bananas are my favourites!


  142. Lucy Youngs says:

    My fave fruit has to be a good melon :) Cant beat it @OwenHart

  143. Kate Strickland says:

    My favourite fruit is grapes (twitter @pondering_kate)

  144. cheryl fothergill says:

    My favourite fruit is fresh mango.

  145. Joy Connor says:

    Love bananas – definitely my favourite

    Can contact me on Twitter as @Joy_Connor

  146. My favourite fruit is an apple, not very exotic but reliable like me!


  147. peter clist says:

    Blueberries- great taste

  148. andi g says:

    Raspberries!!!! Everytime.

  149. Rhydian Prismick says:

    I love Granny Smith Apples

  150. jodie smith says:

    I love mangos. but they are so messy to eat!! I love to try obscure fruits too.
    can be tweeted as @meetjosmith

  151. Clementina says:

    I love grapes :) The juicier the better ;)

  152. Emma Eminoglu says:

    My favourite fruit has to be a Sharon fruit also know as a persimmon, they are so yummy and juicy, a very unusual texture but absolutely gorgeous! mmm

  153. Stephanie Hoult says:

    melon is my favourite

  154. John Connor says:

    Apples for me – the redder the better!

    On Twittwr as @oneimadeearlier

  155. gail says:

    My favourite fruit is Pineapple

    Twitter @glitzygail

    Thank you

  156. Katherine De Riera says:

    I love Melons because they are so juicy and refreshing on a hot summers day! Though we’ve said goodbye to those for a while!

    • Katherine De Riera says:

      apologies, I had a feeling that I’d already commented but couldn’t find my original comment, please delete this one as I can’t seem to find a delete button

  157. Emily Fraser says:

    Blueberries are my fave! :)
    (contact is my email)

  158. Alison says:

    Tangerines @ali991 on twitter
    Alison recently posted..Acriflex Cooling Gel

  159. Sharon says:

    Red grapes are my favourite

  160. Ellie Peabody says:

    I love fresh raspberries, can’t beat raspberry sorbet!

  161. Elaine says:

    My most favorite fruit would be Oranges if I have to name one but I do love
    Strawberries, melons, pineapple, bananas not keen on apples though

  162. katrina walsh says:

    Blackberries everytime!

  163. Mary Ja says:

    Raspberries – I adore them! @pinkbee78

  164. Susie says:

    Pineapple – in sweet and savoury dishes and as juice.

  165. Jennifer Stokes says:

    I love, love, love Strawberries!


  166. hazel rush says:

    My favourite fruit are lychees!
    hazelrush54 (at) yahoo.co.uk

  167. Esther says:

    Has to be mango – the orangey yellow ones you get from Indian super markets, not the hard green things from the supermarkets that never ripen properly.

  168. Katie Myers says:

    My fave fruit is strawberries :) Can contact via email or twitter @katiemyers1st xx

  169. Clare says:

    strawberries (but only British!)


  170. Geraldine Chaplin says:

    watermelon thats been in the fridge so its really crunchy and juicy- so refreshing!

  171. Stuart W says:

    Bananan, as its so versatile

  172. P Phillips says:

    Strawberries are my favourite fruit, they taste lovely with anything.

  173. Carolina J. says:

    I love grapes!

    @pandcands on Twitter.

  174. Elliot Dawson says:

    I love blueberries! on their own or especially on top of yoghurt! mmm…

  175. jenna keller says:

    my fave fruit is strawberries yum!


  176. carol tettmar says:

    i like raspeberries and peaches…
    email: caroltettmar@yahoo.co.uk

  177. emma cella says:

    My fave fruit is strawberries @emmajane2000

  178. Lisa Ellison says:

    The Great British Strawberry is the best, yummy yummy, x

  179. Maureen says:

    Strawberries make it special

    Compermo (Twitter)

  180. annette hanley says:

    My favourite fruit is pomergranite

  181. Bon williams says:

    I love Mango, it was one of my pregnancy cravings, and two years on I still can’t get enough of it.x

  182. Zaney Dee says:

    I love fresh pineapple. It tastes of sunshine!

  183. mark johnson says:


  184. Joanna Kiely says:

    It would have to be Watermelon!! It’s so yummy and refreshing!!! xx

  185. cathyj says:


  186. Hollie says:

    Got to be raspberries, soooo juicy!

  187. Emma says:

    I can’t choose between melon or strawberries! xx

  188. Marie Rickard says:

    Definately the simple little Apple! I’m an apple nut, There are so many different varieties and it’s the crisp ones that I find the best!

  189. helen rhoads says:

    banana + melon

  190. Phil Darling says:

    I can’t get enough bananas

  191. Kelly Hooper says:

    Blackberries are my favourite, love making blackberry crumble served hot with a big dollop of icecream :)

  192. Leigh Larkin says:

    At the moment grapes. Though through the summers – strawberries every day!

  193. Afshan Qayyum says:

    Mango :)

  194. Naomi says:

    blueberries…love them!
    twitter account @jellie75

  195. Michelle Williams says:

    My favourite fruit is pineapple

  196. Alice Hindley says:

    My favourite fruit are “Pink Grapefruit”

    Tweet me @aesop57

  197. Cat (Yellow Days) says:

    Definitely juicy nectarines, scrummy!
    Cat (Yellow Days) recently posted..#SilentSunday – 9/10/11

  198. Joanna Sawka says:

    I love strawberries )


  199. Yolanda Barker says:

    Grapes – so easy to eat – also delish dipped in chocolate sauce eeek

    Yolanda Barker

  200. Emma Smith says:

    I’m a bit of an odd one and don’t really like fruit. I really wish I did as it always looks so colourful and inviting, but it’s a texture thing for me. Fortunately my husband and children do love fruit, so I would love to win this for them. My kids adore strawberries and raspberries.

  201. Maria Knight says:

    My favourite fruit is Melon, its so refreshing and remind me of exotic holiday abroad :)

    Email: mariadeanronan@hotmail.co.uk

  202. Oh, pineapple!! In a tin, fresh, dried.. I’ll have it any way! However, right now I could go some tinned mandarins, with meringue and cream… #nom!

  203. jeanette says:

    ooooo hard to chose love strawberries and mango and lots more maybe strawberries mmmmmm x

  204. Lucy Robinson says:

    Has to be banana!

  205. I love bananas – they are delicious on their own, banana butties are lovely too, not to forget banana splits – they’re a very versatile fruit! x @MySonsSpongeMad on Twitter

  206. Deborah Bird says:

    My fave fruit is banana’s


  207. James Donovan says:

    Im into exotic fruits, i love mangos. I tend to drink more fruit juices then eat actual fruit, but given a choice, i always tend to pick something tropical

  208. Lisa S says:

    apples are so sweet and I love em! The kids take them to school and even the dog eats them.

  209. tracey brotherton says:

    I love apples, berries ( all kinds ) & pineapple :-)

  210. Alison T says:

    My favourite fruits have got to be raspberries and blackberries so delicious.

    Twitter @buzylizzy1

  211. toniq says:

    Has to be pomegranate, I love it on cereal, on it’s own, in sparkling wine!


  212. helen hampson says:

    Peaches. Yay! @cyderapple

  213. Cheryll H says:

    Freshly picked strawberries still warm from the sun :) Yummmmmmmm…. @pipersky1

  214. Paul Marshall says:

    Mine has to be good old fashioned Granny Smith apples! please contact me by email in the event of winning

  215. Stacey Webb says:

    I love bananas! my fiance laughs at me as he thinks Im rather strange as I eat them all the time & I also have banana with peanut butter & honey for dessert, which he thinks is absolutely gross!


  216. Katrina says:

    cranberries are my favourite, they’re great sprinkled on cereal! @Top_cat81

  217. Gilla says:

    I just love fruit. My favourite often depends on the time of the year. I love English strawberries in the summertime. Other times of the year they have no taste. Raspberries are gorgeous. Bananas are great. Apples are fantastic. Melons, yum. I think that I could live on fruit, quite happily. Is there such a thing as a fruitarian?

    When I can get them I put cranberries in virtually all my savoury dishes!

  218. michelle says:

    strawberries (with meringue and cream)

  219. Jeremy Hards says:

    Ma favourite fruit is blackberries. I love this time of year when I can go out picking the blackberries. Unfortunately I eat most of them when picking so very few make it home.

  220. Liz Burton says:

    Strawberries are my fave!

    Liz Burton recently posted..Magpie Monday – Chalking it up to experience

  221. Claire Butler says:


  222. Lynda Jones says:

    I love nectaries, sadly the have a very short season (you can buy in Autumn but they are not very good)

  223. Paul Witney says:

    It’s got to be grapes – once I start I can’t leave them alone

  224. amanda pickering says:

    squashy pears mmmmm

  225. sharon alderson says:

    My favourite fruit are raspberries

  226. Georgie Aronin says:


  227. Joanne says:

    It definitely has to be strawberries – they are delicious
    @pigtails21 (twitter)

  228. Elizabeth says:


  229. Karen Railton says:

    i love raspberries :)

  230. valerie rush says:

    my favourite fruit are peaches

  231. Dan Druce says:

    Melon! (contact via email)

  232. fav fruit has to be grapes, I just love them

    @pinkbling11 on twitter

  233. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Pink Lady apples, nom x

  234. vicky morton says:

    My favourite is pineapple, love it with anything and everything!

  235. Jen B says:

    My favourite fruit is watermelon :)

  236. Emma Cunningham says:

    My favourite fruit is raspberries @gershwin77

  237. Zee Jay says:

    Gotta be bananas… superfruits, so good after running, etc, they work miracles!
    @zeeski on twitter

  238. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I love crisp and crunchy English apples
    twitter id @RuthMarianna

  239. Sarah Parker says:

    i love strawberries

  240. Donna Baxter says:

    My favourite fruit has to be a toss up between a nectarine or a peach, or maybe cherries! lol x

    my twitter id is @dmbaxt

  241. Jo Boyd says:

    So difficult to pick – am I allowed fruit salad as an answer? No? Then I’ll go with raspberries!

  242. Binky says:

    My favourite fruit is melon, honey dew is my fav favourite, but I love watermelon and galia too.

    It’s lovely with a drizzle of lime juice on and a few slices of cherries and strawberries on the side.

    Mouths watering as I type!

    thanks for a grea tcompetition and for making me hungry! HEHE.

  243. Laura says:

    My favourite fruit are cherries!

  244. Mary Campbell says:

    Oranges – I love them, I eat one every day of the year.

  245. Rebecca Denyer says:

    My favourite is raspberries


  246. sairz-mse says:

    I love strawberries :)

  247. Suzanne sendell says:

    cherries,and I dont share them either

  248. Tracey Jackson says:

    Bananas – I should have been a monkey!

  249. Nicole S. says:

    I adore strawberries, could eat them by the ton! can reach me at @nikkiopia on twitter! =)

  250. Jen Boucher says:

    Kiwi! So delicious!

  251. My favorite fruit would have to be Kiwi. They are extreeeeemly good for you.

    Angela Webster recently posted..Bath time fun :)

  252. My absolute favourite fruit is a banana. You can contact me by email on ss011e7181(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk

  253. Emma Boitoult says:

    I love fresh pineapple, I even enjoy preparing it, it’s great that something natural can taste so sweet & delicious!

    @duckard12 on twitter

  254. Elle says:

    Raspberrys – definitely. They taste great in prosseco! ;)


  255. Nicki Cawood says:

    Hi Elle, Sorry but this comp has finished
    Nicki Cawood recently posted..Trunki 4-in-1Travel Toybox #review

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