Pad Thai Nicki Style #Worldfoods

As part of the Global Taste Team run by the lovelies from Worldfoods I am exploring many different flavours and recipes (and enjoying every minute of it!). This week the suggested recipe was Pad Thai and can be found at the bottom of this post. Worldfoods are keen for us to experiment and so I raided my veg box and here we go, Nicki’s Pad Thai.


2 large chicken breast




Beansprouts (you can get these from Tesco, but I use the ones from my Riverford veg box, fresh, crunchy and with a slightly nutty flavour)

Piquillo pepper (thinner than a normal pepper and sweeter)


1 bottle WORLDFOODS Thai ‘Pad Thai’ Noodle Sauce

Fine egg noodles

Lime – cut into wedges

Dry Roasted peanuts (crushed)


  • Stirfry together in a little oil the chives, chicken, sliced peppers, courgette and mushrooms
  • When nearly cooked throw in the beansprouts for a further 2-3 minutes on a high heat.
  • Add the WorldFood Pad Thai sauce and turn to a low heat to simmer.
  • Serve with “just cooked” fine egg noodles and top with crushed roasted nuts and lemon wedges (save one wedges to drizzle a little juice over the noodles. And enjoy!

Pad Thai, by May Foong

 Serves 2-3 people


100g (or any combination of) Prawns / Chicken / Tofu

20g Chives, cut into 2” length

100g Bean sprouts

80g Flat rice noodles (information here: you can substitute with other noodles if you wish)

1 bottle WORLDFOODS Thai ‘Pad Thai’ Noodle Sauce

2 tbsp cooking oil

*Optional – add eggs (within the stir fry or as an omelette), spring onions, fish sauce, extra chilli pepper into the stir fry


Pounded roasted peanuts


Lime wedges

Chilli flakes

Sugar optional (palm sugar traditionally added in Thailand)

 Cooking Instructions:

1. Blanch the noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes untill semi-soft. Drain and set aside.

2. Heat flavourless oil such as groundnut oil in a wok and pan fry the prawns until they turn pink, and set aside.

3. Pour in WORLDFOODS Thai ‘Pad Thai’ Noodle Sauce and bring to boil.

4. Add in the noodles and prawns and toss gently till well mixed.

5. Plate up the noodles and prawns, and add the chives and bean sprouts.

6. Garnish with roasted peanuts, chili flakes and lime wedges.

7. Enjoy!


If preparing the dish for children you might want to omit all chilli from the dish, depending on their taste.


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