Flooring For Family Homes

Flooring For Family Homes

I’ve written before about moving house and considering different interior design looks. Now we’ve been in for five months (five months already), it’s time to bite the bullet and get started with some of the projects that I have saved in my Pinterest. First up, engineered wood flooring.

Choosing The Right Flooring

We’ve looked at all sorts of flooring types and different options work for different rooms, and that’s ok! When you choose a “hard” floor there are certain things that you need to consider. Ours is a family home, no pets and therefore we have more options. Our boys are a little older, therefore, I don’t need to worry about soiled carpets and scuffed floors.  

We’ve decided to keep the carpeting in the bedrooms as that suits us. For the more common areas, I need something more hard-wearing. Solid wood flooring is not ideal from a cost point of view yet I’ve been bitten by cheap laminate before. We have to find the best flooring for our needs and we think we’ve got a winner.

We’ve Found The Perfect Solution

We are in a 1930’s bungalow and we love the way that it has been renovated to a high standard but hasn’t become a truly modern home. It has a unique feel and is full of charm. The perfect place for family life. This does, of course, mean that we want it to have the perfect flooring.

We’re looking at engineered wood flooringfor various reasons. It offers hardwood charm at a fraction of the price, it is easy to fit, it is hardwearing (so important) and the examples we’ve looked at all look great. Due to the way that it is made it uses less wood so is more eco-friendly yet still maintains a natural charm.

We need flooring for our halls and our lounge mainly. We don’t want engineered wood flooring in the bathroom or the kitchen as these are damp rooms (the bathroom is anyway) and the flooring would be damaged over time by water/spillages.  

Engineered Wood Flooring For Family Homes

As our boys are now 8 years and 13 years we have finally found ourselves at a place where we can have nice things again. Rugs are no longer things to trip over. Corners don’t need to covered and it is absolutely ok to have funky furniture and breakables around the home. What is even better is the fact that the boys are just as interested in how the home looks and feels as we are. 

From a practical point of view as well as making the home feel that little extra special we all agreed on harder flooring and rugs and pretty mats where necessary. Engineered wood flooring ticks all of our boxes and so it looks like this could be the direction we’re heading in. 

Your Opinions

Before we take the plunge, what experiences of this type of flooring do you have? Do you have any recommendations? We’d be happy to read any comments on getting it right sets the tone for a room or a hall and therefore is so important!