My Bedroom Haven

I regularly post about tarting up my lounge, adding vintage touches to my kitchen, adding colour to my dining room and tackling the ever growing mound of toys and books that the boys have. I rarely mention our bedroom. We have a large bedroom which is sixteen foot something by fifteen foot. It has two gorgeous sash windows that let in a lot of light, an original ornate fireplace and is white.

This is the only room in the house where we can get away with having white in it as I have the two boys and everyone who has two boys knows that they rarely mix well with white. Our bedroom also doubles as my office. I have a beautiful white and wood shaker-style desk and matching filing cabinet which is where I work every day. The desk is set up so that at the end of the day all files, folders, printers and of course laptops are able to simply disappear, restoring the room to a “proper bedroom”.

We have matching white wood wardrobes, drawers, bookcases and bedside tables and an black iron bedstead (it works). The carpet is plush yet easy to maintain, the curtains are neutral and the lighting is adequate yet not stark. Above all it really is a gorgeous room, so simple yet comfortable, warm and just “us”. We have a few things to add before we finish this room, such as wall art of some kind and most definitely some new sumptuous bed linen however other than that, it is just perfect.

It is lovely to have one place in the house that is just ours, that is always calm and which looks so lovely. It is our sixteen by fifteen foot haven. Do you have a corner of your house that is just “you”, that you love and wouldn’t want to change? What is it?

*Consideration was received for the writing and publishing of this post.