My Favourite Bargain Vintage Find

I have to share this!

As most of you will know I am in the throes of interior design madness at the moment, determined to get the house the way that I want it. The Man Den is done (a post will follow on this!), the kitchen is 85% the way that I want it, the utility room now has the utility items I wanted but needs something to make it look less like a white appliance dump room, the playroom come dining room is done, our room and the bathroom is done. That leaves the boy’s rooms (Taylor’s especially needs so TLC) and the lounge. I have a curious mix of new and old in the house although ” vintage touches” is probably what you could call the style.

I’ve been scouring Ebay, car boot sales, charity shops and more looking for odd bits to build interest and my latest find, an absolute gem which cost a measly £5 and which looks fabulous is…………..


A gorgeous vintage Singer sewing machine.

Beautiful isn’t she?

I adore this piece and it is out and proud on my sideboard now looking fabulous. Being such a great price means that I can look at her without getting that “Oh My God – HOW much did I spend?” feeling.

I’ll be updating the blog with other finds as I go along. I have to know though – what do you consider your best bargain find for your home?