Dear So and So

Dear all who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.

Simply… thank you.

Your sacrifice is notĀ forgotten, not today, not ever.



Dear dog owners

Yesterday morning on our short walk to school we dodged no fewer than SIX piles of fresh dog poo. Seriously?

On the surface I am a really nice person, underneath I am a bitch. Do not let me catch you walking away and not scooping.

Her who is disgusted!


Dear Company

Continually sending out shoddy furniture and then telling me “it’d not from us it’s from the manufacturer” like it doesn’t matter that I ordered via you, really? Don’t you understand that when you put your name to it, essentially it comes from you? Does it not worry you that you are associated with crap furniture?

Her who has your number (And will be ringing again today – trust me).


Dear medical professionals.

We can cure hideous diseases these days but there is nothing for the common cold or my crippling period pain? I understand the cold thing, I mean look at how many cold remedy companies would go out of business if there was a cold cure. You are saving jobs there and I applaud you, but why haven’t you got a cure for the common period pain?

Just think this over for a bit then head to the lab.


Dear Frankie Cockcozza

SNORT (as in I’m laughing at you for being so ridiculously moronic, not because I think drugs are in anyway funny).

Her who is really looking forward to Xfactor this weekend!).


Dear Downton Abbey

Sob, Sob, Sob

I miss you already, hurry up with series 3 folks!

Her who won’t be watching idiots eating bugs instead.


Dear All

I don’t usually “plug” anything in my Dear So and So’s BUT….

Festive Friday has restarted! A fantastic post each Friday from the lovely Christine Mosler who shows us Christmas as it should be, festive and fun. AND… lots of others link up with their Xmas related posts so it’s just a big Xmas fest! Stop being a scrooge and go and have a look at this week’s post and link-ups.

Her who is feeling the Christmas spirit x

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