Summer Home Maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance

When the sun comes out, there’s nothing better than chilling in the garden with a glass of wine and a good book. If you’re feeling social, you can invite friends over and crack out the BBQ. Summer is not without its difficulties either. The sun brings all manner of problems with it, most of them which impact your home. Unless you solve them ASAP, they run the risk of ruining the best time of year. Before you can crack out the DIY home repairs, it’s essential to understand the usual suspects first. 

Here are the issues you can expect to find in your home this summer and the solutions. 

Pests (Part 1)

Whether you’re a keen gardener or you want to relax, it’s not nice having to watch these pests slowly destroy your pride and joy. It’s time to fight back, and the answer is a homegrown and homemade deterrent. Mixing salt with vinegar should be enough to encourage them to find another garden to infest (the salt dries them up). For ladybirds and other insects, mix a clove of garlic with water, oil and dish soap and watch them fly away instantly.

You might think a chemical pesticide is the best option yet it’s very strong. Sure, it kills them but you have to think about the garden as a whole. If you want your flowers and plants to continue to flourish, they don’t need covering in poison twice a day. 

Pests (Part 2)

Animals nap in the autumn and winter and wake up again in the spring and summer. So, it’s not uncommon to find them running around your home, especially if you live in the countryside. Mice, for example, come down from the fields looking for food and eat scraps left on the kitchen floor. Ants are the same, although they don’t hibernate; they’re too industrious!

When pests infiltrate and infest your home, there is no time for homemade deterrents and killers. If you leave them to their devices, they’ll take over your home in no time and turn it into their personal hive. As soon as you spot a pest in the summertime, you need to ring an expert service like ABC pest control and ask them for advice. Professional pest control companies understand the severity of the signs, and they can reclaim your home from the likes of mice, rats and even bed bugs (shudder). 

The most effective line of defence is prevention, so you should keep everything as clean as possible. When there isn’t any food for them, they aren’t as forthcoming about accepting your hospitality.


Yes, the mercury can blow it’s top even in Britain in the summer. Who knew?! Unfortunately, the Brits aren’t renowned for their ability to fight the heat. If anything, we’re notorious for complaining about the rain and then doing the same when the sun takes its hat off.  I’m very guilty of this! So, the odds are high you’ll need a place to retreat to when the UV rays blast away the clouds.

An air conditioning unit is a perfect solution because it churns out cold air regularly. Once it’s turned on, you won’t feel as if you’re about to evaporate into thin air. Of course, an HVAC is unreliable because one small glitch can send it off the rails. That’s why it’s vital to clean it daily even if you don’t plan on using it. We opted for a ceiling fan and what a difference it makes!

The website Experts in Your Home has tips if you want to try to fix it yourself first. However, be aware that DIY is a risk if you don’t know what you’re doing – you might do more harm than good.

BBQ Glitches

We would BBQ more in the summer but we have to contend with the Great British weather. Plus, it always seems like a hassle. The trick is to buy a quality grill. Investing in one this summer will prepare you for the good weather every June, July and August. Why? It’s because it’s in the garden ready to rock and roll, for starters. 

When you have a BBQ that is a fixture in the garden, it never feels like a hassle to organise an event and invite your friends and family around. And, it’s not as if you need to spend a fortune to locate a good one. Money Aware has 20 tips that will keep the costs low and your budget intact.


Summer is when midges and mosquitoes come out in force and go to town on your skin. It’s fine at first, and then the chemical reaction kicks in and you start to itch like hell. God, don’t you wish they’d leave you alone instead of treating you like a buffet?! The good news is you can stop them from eating you alive.

As obvious as it sounds, you need to start using repellent. For Brits, it’s only as if a spray is necessary when we’re abroad in a hot country. Well, the British Isles are getting hotter (thanks global warming) and these pests are taking advantage. Always look for products that are eco-friendly so that you don’t destroy the environment and your skin. Another trick is to apply hydrocortisone ointment to the area to stop it from itching.

If it happens all the time in your home, check for the common signs of bed bugs. Anything from blood on your sheets to bites in clusters on your arms and legs is standard.

Food Wastage

Food goes off quicker in the summer thanks to the heat. Not only does it set a bad precedent, but it’s a waste of money and most people can’t afford to throw cash down the drain.

To prevent food wastage, start putting perishable items in the fridge so that they last longer. Also, analyse your food bill and remove anything that isn’t necessary. Shopping on an empty stomach can cause you to buy more, which is why it’s good to have lunch first.

Hopefully, these nifty tips will make your home a haven this summer. After all, there isn’t a better time to sit back in your castle and enjoy the vibes.