Protecting My Most Important Things with Milton #review

I don’t have a fancy car,

I don’t have a mansion,

No jewels

No 60″ TV’s…..

I do have two very precious belongings – One is called Kieran, one is called Taylor, and I would do anything to protect them. I am one of six siblings and Milton really was a household name when it came to protecting us in our younger and more vulnerable years, and in turn Milton is now firmly placed in my house – and doing the same job for my boys as it has for countless families.


My most precious things

Milton were kind enough to send me some of their products to try, some of which I hadn’t used before.

Antibacterial Fabric solution.

This is a new one on me! 1l does 50 washes which is pretty economical. The information provided states that germs (etc) can still be alive and well after a 45 degree wash, which is somewhat disturbing! We spend a fair amount in our beds so I like the idea that it is as fresh and clean as possible. You simply add a capful of the solution into the conditioner compartment of your washing machine drawer and wash as normal. Very easy and priceless peace of mind. I haven’t found any difference to my washing other than knowing (as Milton is a brand I trust) that even in sleep, my family are protected / better off, which is just what I wanted – my “normal” wash, at low temperatures, with the added bonus of antibacterial protection.

Sterilising Fluid &Sterilising Tablets

Firm favourites in many households!  Milton Sterilising Fluid can be used to sterilise breast feeding equipment and all babies feeding utensils, including bottles, soothers, teething rings, small plastic toys and weaning items, as can the tablets – sterilising in just 15 minutes. There is no taste/taint left behind so no need to rinse

Antibacterial Surface Wipes

Very handy! These wipes are 100% biodegradable and be used in so many ways, for highchairs, pushchairs, when out & about – you name it. In a handy sized pack these are great for handbags and changing bags. I remember using them regularly at my local supermarket when Kieran got to that stage where every trolley was something to be sucked on (nice son!). Please note – these are not suitable on skin ie as an antibacterial hand / as bum wipes!

Antibacterial Hand Gel

Again, VERY economical. We use this regularly both at home and whilst out. You only need a tiny drop to cover both hands and it gives around the clock protection. The plus with this product (for me) is that it has moisturising properties so doesn’t dry my hands (I have Mummy hands, always wiping / washing something which does naturally dry the skin out!). Again, it’s handy size is perfect for when out and about with your little ones.

I like to think I have a clean house. I’m not obsessive about germs,  but used properly these products do provide an extra layer of cover so that I know I am doing my best to protect my boys from nasties.

Besides, if it was good enough for Mum, it’s most definitely good enough for me!

To read more about these products, their ingredients and more visit the Milton website and keep up to date with them on Facebook.