Social Discovery

Hand up if you would be lost without access to social media nowadays. I certainly would. Both for work and play I enjoy the benefits of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn regularly. Many people now ask a question on Twitter or Facebook before using the Google search engine, especially when they want a more personalised opinion of something or a recommendation which just goes to show how versatile these platforms are.

It was recently brought to my attention that the clever folks at Townfish have set up an new kind of platform which revolves around social discovery. Being curious I have dug a little deeper and am glad I did.

TownFish is a clever site which is initially aimed at those living or visiting the London area. You will find events, new places to eat, accommodation, services and more all under one “roof”. The idea is that this network will enable people to grow the information available, share their experiences and make sure that when visiting or enjoying London, that no experience is missed!

The idea behind the site is that it isn’t a stiff directory or similar. The aim is to build a more human platform where people are able to connect and contribute on a more personal level and without any agenda. You may Google attractions or eateries anywhere and get hundreds of hits however how do you know who has written the info in these search engine results? Basically, what Townfish has set out to achieve is to build a real and person-based rather than corporate based site which gives visitors an authentic view of what’s what.

While the site is still in its beta stage you may already enjoy the benefits of some of the available features including their blog and their forum. The site currently covers London and the Greater London boroughs and district but who knows how far the site will expand as a love for social discovery takes hold. I’m certainly keen to see how the site works and continues to develop.

London businesses are welcome to become featured with a free featured profile however Townfish are only offering this to local and independent businesses. Their assumption is that large companies, chains  and brands have enough money to advertise where the smaller business perhaps don’t and it is these small, new and hidden away gems of shops, cafes and attractions that Talkfish want people to be able to find.

Personally I think the idea is a very sound one and social discovery certainly seems to be the next big thing in terms of utilising personal resources to create real recommendations and more. What do you think? Is this type of platform the way forward?



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