Orchard at Tesco: #TriedForLess

I do love a bargain, especially at Christmas time. I picked these up last night, 3 for 2 and £5 off (I got a £5 voucher from the Tesco Orchard #TriedForLess Programme) and they look lovely!


We have a (very) early breakfast on Xmas Day and Christmas dinner at 5/6pm so for lunch every year I throw together something easy. Last year it was cheese, cold meats and what not and this year this sort of stuff. Thankfully all of the Tesco party food cooks at the same temperature so it’ll be a case of throwing it in and sitting back with my feet up.

What do you eat and when?

For more info on the Tesco Orchard Programme have a read of this, it’s a great way to try new things you perhaps wouldn’t normally think or, to do it for less and to tell others about it so they can discover new offers, brands and Tesco bits and pieces!

Aldi Bonfire Night Special Buys

Just a quick post today to share some info the lovelies at Aldi sent over about their Bonfire Night special buys. If you are looking to host a display of your own this year then keep your eyes on Aldi as between the 15th and 18th October these fireworks  will be on offer, including the very thoughtful pet-friendly ones which are all colour and no bang.

As much as I love autumn and winter (I really do!) I’m the first to admit that with a whole host of seasonal events going on that it can be one of the more expensive times and so I’m happy to share anything that might help you all save a few pennies or even pounds here and there!

Aldi November
Aldi Press Release


PS Aldi – still waiting for news on the date for our Thirsk store!


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