Something Special Upstairs

As most of you will already know, I work from home full-time. Our three-bed house is beautiful, it is old, it is big and yet I really could do with a much better space for my home office. Somewhere bright, airy, with lots of natural light and somewhere that no-one else uses, visits or invades with their stuff. Our house is a terraced house and a very good sized one however what our property lacks that many down the terrace don’t is a converted space up top with special roof windows to let in enough light/air.

I need lots of natural light to work.

My dream is to renovate the attic (currently, we have a big skylight high up in the landing which shows the potential light and space-wise but offers neither. In an ideal world, we would most definitely build up!

My interior design (dream) plan of action would be to:

  • Open the space up with stairs or a groovy (sturdy) ladder solution that could be pulled up or a door that could be closed off so that I really could close myself off to the world.
  • I would install Solstro roof windows for light/shade, air and warmth (I had an attic room growing up which was fab but tended to veer between baking hot or blooming freezing and so having great windows is a must).
  • I would decorate in grey and white and yellow (touches of grey) and it would be all for me.
  • Despite it being chic and new and shiny I would have soft furnishings up there to soften things up and a sofa that I could curl up on and read (when not working).
  • I’d love an old desk, something vintage.
  • I would find oxygen boosting plants that I won’t kill (I kill all our plants).
  • I’d love a chair like this one from Pinterest! It says a lot that I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my fantasy new office…..

Basically, I want to build my own den-house!

Now all I need to do is save many thousands of pounds, educate myself on converting attic spaces and all the regulations and planning permissions that go with them, save some more money and then spend blissful days buying preloved furnishings and making it my own.

In the meantime, (back in the real world), it’s back to Pinterest for me to research more attic conversion designs and furnishings!