Pabobo – Carousel Lamp #Review

Last year we were lucky enough to test (and keep) a Pabobo Lumilove Penguin (which has been christened “Jake” and that Kieran still uses daily). You can read that review here.

When the lovelies at Pabobo said they had a new product and were looking for reviewers again, well I think almost ripping their arm off for the chance would be a fair description!

We were sent, for Taylor this time, the Pababo Carousel Lamp (RRP £47). Freestanding or wall mounted this is a lovely way to soothe your little one to sleep. Taylor goes to bed awake (I like him to be able to settle himself so that if he wakes up during the night he can drop back off by himself), and loves watching the carousel (which isn’t too bright) turn and light up the wall and ceiling, before he nods off. The Carousel is completely quiet, as there is no engine or music so it doesn’t disturb his brother next door! It is the heat of the light bulb which makes the carousel rotate – yet I have found that the outer casing remains quite cool.

Obviously I am not a skilled photographer and I couldn't managed to get a clear shot of the beautiful shapes on both the wall and the lamp, but you can see both in action and a fantastic vidio clip here.

As before, you can wall mount the lamp (we chose not to as it sits perfectly at the end of the cot on a chest of drawers), with the stand and screw included, (full instructions are enclosed). Without sounding like too much of a teacher’s pet, I really do rate Pabobo because both items we’ve had from them have been so easy to use, attractive, safe and completely child focused!

Our comments as a family:

Mummy: Brilliant, safe, looks great, soothes Taylor.

Daddy: Great! (A man of few words!)

Kieran: It’s ace, but not as good as Jake my penguin!

Taylor: Zzzzzzz (Says it all really!).

Have a look on the site at the carousel and the other fantastic items Pabobo have on offer, follow them for news and updates on Facebook and don’t forget to say hello on Twitter!

Taylor watching the lights before gently falling asleep

*Please note that while we were sent a carousel to test and keep, the review is our own and in no way influenced by Pabobo