REVIEW: Lumilove Penguin from Pabobo

Kieran was asked (need to get the boys an agent clearly) if he would like to test a product from Pabobo and write a review about how he found it, if he liked it etc. Seeing as Kieran is 4yr, the decision fell to me and to be honest I jumped at it! This request came a couple of weeks before Taylor was born and although Kieran had taken the knowledge of a new baby really well and seemed excited, he was also a bit clingy (understandably) and had started taking a torch to bed with him. I think this was more of a security thing more than anything as new baby aside, as I had to go into hospital prior to deliver and stayed a few days, for steroids and this was the first time Id been away at night.

Now I wasnt keen on the torch and was sneaking in to switch it off and remove it etc (fussy Mummy Im sure but I find although not scorching, torch casings, or some of them, can get quite warm if left on for any length of time.
The Lumilove penguin for us then, is fantastic. Christened Jake by Kieran, it charges up on a base unit during the day (doesnt take long and holds its charge for days, despite being on all night) and can be taken to bed, sat on a shelf, and be switched on/off by the child or parent. It gives off a warm glow which is reassuring without being too bright distracting from sleep, and isnt really bright enough to use for getting out of bed and having a sneaky play! Jake stays cool throughout and is now part of Kierans night-time routine. Reassuring whilst going through a period of change, it is now a cool substitute for his teddies (he is 4yrs old you know!) and I have peace of mind safety-wise.

Do have a look at the Pabobo site for the Penguin and their many other fab light-based products. I am already eyeing up one for Taylor’s room, as they make a fab nightlight for younger children/babies and Mums who seem to sneak in constantly to check on babies (or just to have a glance because there is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby!).

As a mum, I personally recommend this product as one which I would buy, gift as a gift or be happy to receive as a gift.

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