I am a Cosatto Mum- Proud and in love with……

the Cabi!
A while back, whilst fed up, pregnant and buggy-less I contacted Cosatto to see if they were looking for any reviewers (nothing ventured…!). I was actually really surprised (read thrilled) to receive a tweet and then email back saying yes, and after looking at my blog and what not “they” (bit like the Royal “we”) sent me a catalogue out to view the range and the rest as they say is history (or rather to be covered in future blogs lol). My contact at Cosatto is a superstar and ensured my item was sent out (chasing up couriers after the snow held things up!) in time for me to have a buggy in time for today – my first school run since having Taylor, and first trip out into town.

When the courier knocked (hammered) on the door and handed over this haul…..

well, it was all I could do not to pop  stitch in excitement!!
Being of a patient nature (hahaha) I told Roy that he could open the box and put it together for me “whenever” he had a minute.

Obviously that was married code for “Now!!!”.

Modelled by my handsome assistant….


And occupied by an extremely cute passenger…

we took our virgin journey out into the snow on a wild adventure (we went to Tesco, late on a Sunday afternoon when it was closing at 4pm – it was brutal in there!).

More on our first Tesco Trail and my first school run since Taylor arrived very soon! (what a tease eh!).
Click above to view the Cabi on the Cosatto website!

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