Swingball from Mookie #review

Would Kieran like to review the Swingball from Mookie?
Would Kieran? Oh never mind the children, I would love to! We spent many a fun afternoon / weekend as kids battering a tennis ball back and forward to the sound of laughter!

It turns out Kieran loves it just as much as I did!

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The Swingball from Mookie has one big benefit over the original one from years ago… the base! Not only can you put the pole, ball and racquets away in the base / case for easy storage but the base means you can play on literally any surface, and don’t necessarily need to wait for the hot (and rare) summer sun! We’ve had great fun out on the grass but on soggier days have set it up on the driveway.

Fresh air, fun, independent play and play with others (Kieran’s cousin and friends have had a great time counting how many times they can hit it back and forth without missing!), hand eye co-ordination… what may seem like a simple outdoor games ticks all these boxes and more.

Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely! It’s great – and Roy and I have thoroughly enjoyed showing Kieran how it works.

Visit the Mookie site for more information and to buy via Amazon (*currently £22.99 with free delivery!). You can also catch up with Mookie on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news and offers!

*Price correct at time of publishing

**We were sent a Mookie Swingball to test and review based on our experiences and that is what we’ve done – Mookie have had no influence on our findings.