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After Christmas spurred on by my wonderful husband, I took the plunge to try my hand properly at jewellery making. I enjoyed a monthly jewellery workshop at Kristina’s last year (who are now online by the way!) and have most definitely caught the bug!

I’m still very much a novice but have to say I’m having a great time (which is what it’s all about) and find it very relaxing. I’ve had some lovely comments from friends who have spotted me wearing my makes and online and I have to tell you, it’s great for the self-esteem!

This necklace was my piece for the weekend. Sometimes I make bits and pieces then take it all apart, just for practice, however, this one I’m really pleased with so will bling up my school run on Monday with this.

I’ve also been working with wire loops and jump rings and my favourite blue beads at the mo. This is just more practice but I will make this into a bracelet for something a little different /lighter than a full beaded one.

My next makes should be interesting as Roy convinced me that it was a good idea to treat myself to some Wubbers looping pliers. If you know what these are you’ll appreciate why I’m looking forward to that delivery.

Are you into jewellery making? What was your latest make and do you have any top tips for this enthusiastic beginner?

Trying Something New

Trying Something New

When I was at school an art teacher told me that everyone should take an artistic/creative subject however in my case they should probably make an exception. Hardly inspiring but to be fair I’ve never been very good with making things, art, crafty stuff and whatnot.

I actually surprised myself when I signed up to a jewellery making workshop at my friend’s local shop (Kristina’s in Thirsk – well worth a visit) but figured as long as my clumsiness didn’t cause actual injury to anyone it was bound to be a giggle. A giggle? It was however more than that, I really surprised myself. I created a couple of rings during that first session and it’s safe to say I was buzzing by the time I’d left. I didn’t hesitate to book onto the next workshop (they run on the second Thursday of each month).

I’m so glad I did! This was an open session where we could make anything from any of the projects that had been covered over the past 5 sessions, with Rae of Rae Finn Jewellery standing by to help, support and encourage. I chose to make a bracelet and a necklace and by the end of the evening had created this little lot:


To say I was proud of myself would be a huge understatement and I have well and truly caught the jewellery making bug. A shame Mr Art Teacher won’t see this but hey-ho, I took a chance to try something outside of my comfort zone for me, not him and guess what… I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks! Now all I need to do is to stock up on some beads, some wire, string, clasp, tools….. I’ll have to do some shopping around to bag some bargains.