Business Premises Makeovers

Business Premises Makeovers

As a freelancer I don’t have business premises. I work from home or remote work in a number of fabulous venues. The places I enjoy remote working the most, and where I’m most productive are those with a great atmosphere. Something to consider. If, however, you are a customer-facing business, or even if you have clients visit you at the office, then having a great looking office is vital.

The way your business premises looks is a direct reflection on the kind of business you are running and having the right look can lift the opinions of those that visit. Have a look at some of the changes you can make to your office to give it a fantastic look.

Effective Business Premises: Get The Modern Look

Films like the Social Network have been setting examples when it comes to offices, and nowadays, business owners want to give their business a specific look or feel.

One of the directions that business owners are travelling is the way of open offices, large televisions and bean bags to help give them a relaxed and edgy feel. The reason for this is that bosses seem to want to introduce a fun dynamic into the workplace, and it makes the staff feel like they are a part of something different. 

When the staff feel like this, it can boost productivity by massive amounts, and it also helps give the company an excellent image to the outside world. 

Businesses that opt for the modern look are often not customer facing and generally offer modern solutions to the outside world.

Get The Classy Look With Your Business Premises

When it comes to customer-facing businesses that tend to offer high-end products to customers, attaching an air of class to the premises is one of the best things you can do.

If a high-end client is coming to visit, then being greeted by a grand sight will always go down well. Businesses that want to achieve this look tend to opt for stylish flooring like castle carpet and dark woods all around. 

When you combine both of these with the right amount of light, some greenery and well-dressed staff, you are left with a warm and welcoming environment that oozes success.

The Minimalist Look

One of the simplest and most popular looks in offices today is the minimalist look. At one time offices were generally crammed to the brim with advertising material, stacks of paper and employees squeezed into every corner of the room.

Today, this is certainly not the case. Modern companies are opting for the less is more approach. To achieve this look business owners are looking toward big and bright walls, clean white finish desks and light flooring that gives an openness to the whole environment.

The minimalist look is also so popular due to the positive effect it has on employees. By reducing clutter and offering a bright and airy work environment, staff find they are altogether more positive about their job.

In Conclusion

These are just three looks that could give your business a whole new feel and change how customers see you and your business. Will I give up my freelance/nomad working life one day. I can’t see it but if I do it’ll be to work from business premises that make me feel good (don’t worry, I’d still be self-employed but with a comfy chair and my own coffee machine).


Autumn Interior Design Touches

Autumn Interior Design Touches

Autumn is many people’s favourite time of the year. It is certainly mine and now is the perfect time to start thinking about autumn interior design touches. I don’t know about you but we look forward to Halloween and the build-up to Christmas. We love walking through the autumn leaves, watching the trees change colour, as parks change from bold green to a cacophony of greens, reds, oranges and browns.

We enjoy kicking off our summer sandals and shorts and replacing them with boots and chunky knits. Autumn is a time for colour and style. It’s the perfect time of year in many people’s eyes. Not that cold that it is uncomfortable but cool enough that you can wrap up warm in the evening and enjoy a hot chocolate and an early night. 

While your clothes might change to reflect the season, your home might not. It’s far too early to decorate for the Christmas holidays, but you might want to add some of those gorgeous autumnal colours to your home, as well as some cosy features to help you to get comfortable, stay warm and celebrate the season. 

Autumn Interior Design Touches: Use Different Textures

The best way to create a cosy and comfortable room is with texture. Vinyl flooring can have plenty of advantages for a family home, but you might worry that it will be cold in the winter. There’s no need. Add a thick wool rug and not only will your room look cosy, but it will also feel warm and soft underfoot. Add cushions and thick throws to your sofas and hang heavy curtains to your windows. Try to use heavy materials, in a range of different textures and try to add a little texture to every room. Sofa blankets are a must for us!

Enjoy Using Autumn Colours in your Home

Colour is one of the things that defines autumn. When you think of other seasons, colour might not come to mind, but in autumn, one of the first things that we think of is the colours. But, not only the colours of the falling leaves. You might also think of deep shades, such as Burgundy, navy and dark purple. I adore autumnal shades!

You might not want to decorate your whole home every time the season’s change, which might rule painting out. But, you can still add colour to your soft furnishings, accessories, bedding and wall hangings. 

Autumn Interior Design Touches: Arts and Crafts

Autumn is the perfect time for crafting, especially if you have children. In a few weeks, you might want to think about carving pumpkins and hanging Halloween decorations. Until then get out leaf collecting and have a go at stamping. Try some autumn crafts, and hang the good ones on your walls or display them around your home. We’ve made some brilliant bowls from leaves and conker art in the past so will have to think about doing something new this year.

Autumn Interior Design Touches: Flowers

Fresh flowers are always an excellent addition to the home. They add cheer and make us smile. They make a room feel more alive, and they can even improve the aroma and atmosphere. They are also an easy and effective way to add some autumnal colours to your home. Look for flowers that thrive in autumn, and add things like wheat and pine cones, which just make things look a little more special and seasonal. We have a fabulous local florist that is happy to make recommendations and are more affordable than you might think.

Enjoy It

The best way to add autumn to your home is to live in. Enjoy feeling more autumnal, embrace seasonal shopping, delight in cosy evenings in, and your home will follow. It really is my favourite season and over far too quick each year which is why I throw myself into the season with such enthusiasm. From Autumn interior design touches to autumn slow cooker dishes, I’m ready!


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