The House Viewing

house viewingWe are looking to move house. Next year looks most likely, perhaps the year after. This is THE PLAN. What we didn’t expect was for a near perfect house to pop up. Of course, us being us, we booked a house viewing and met the agent there this morning.

It had the right number of bedrooms, a lovely kitchen, a dining room, lounge, plenty of storage, a cellar (decorated and carpeted), a conservatory and a bigger garden. I was smitten before we left but of course, you never know with house viewings how things will go.

Sadly it wasn’t for us. The layout was perfect, the outside was great and we used to live in the same area and loved it. The kitchen was wonderful, although had a somewhat oddly-placed fireplace (gas fire) in the kitchen which I’m sure would have annoyed me eventually. The mixture of tile and hardwood floors worked and the bathroom was ideal. Sadly though the third bedroom was tiny and the cellar, which Roy would earmark for Dungeons and Dragons sessions, had a slight problem of its own; Roy couldn’t stand up straight in it (he’s 6ft 4”).

We said that if we moved the new house, garden and area would have to tick all of the boxes. This house ticked most, however, the compromises were too great. So close. We thanked the agent and have closed the door on that particular property. Ok, we WILL close the door, I’m just a little in love still with the parts of it that were perfect.

This house viewing has really made us think about our checklists, our priorities and how much we are willing to compromise, or not. We’ve ruled out a newer house. We’ve been there before and much prefer the character and space that comes with an older property. Don’t get me wrong, if a new house popped up with a cellar that Roy could stand up in….

Is it wrong to want it all? I don’t think so. I’m a little sad today as if I’ve lost something which is a bit odd given as the house was never mine but it has really hammered home how important the feel and the atmosphere of a house and an area are to us, as much as the practical aspects.

Onwards and upwards. For us, it’s back to our original plan of moving next year and taking our time. I will, of course, be keeping an eye on Rightmove, just in case.