Earn What You Deserve As a Mumpreneur! Now LIVE!!

If you are regular reader of Curly&Candid then you know I say it as it is. Well, what I am saying today is that making a crust as a Mumpreneur can be bloody hard, especially if you have little or no experience. I have been self-employed, working for myself for nearly five years now, juggling being fulltime mum, fulltime businesswoman, fulltime housekeeper/cook/activities co-ordinator. I can speak from experience when I say that with hindsight, I could have come on a lot faster, and the road would have been less bumpy had I had a bit of help, some direction, someone to take me to one side and say “Have you tried this”, or give me a kick up the backside and said “Your business / product is great, you have the business brains, you just lack the direction, the marketing training and need some help”.

Thankfully there is someone who is prepare to give others that (gentle) kick up the bum and help them make the best of their skills and businesses so that they can earn what they deserve as a Mumpreneur. Aptly, the name of the interactive guide that launches today is called just that.


Helen Lindop, co-author of the book Start a Family Friendly Business and founder of BusinessPlusBaby has put together a fantastic collection of resources, from an e-book / workbook to mp3’s which as busy Mums you can read or listen to at your leisure. Helen has two children under 3years old so fully appreciates the challenges around running your own venture as a Mum, and has seen many who have worked long hours to get very little return, certainly less than minimum wage! Her goal is to make sure that Mums get back from their businesses what they deserve.

The product speaks for itself and I won’t waffle on about it as all the information you need on the EWYD page.  The introductory price of £24 is only available until the *20th May so don’t delay – after all, how often can you find something can that can turn your business around and increase your earning for the price of a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of plonk?

You can sign up and download direct from the Earn What You Deserve website,

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Now what are you waiting for? Get over there!

*After 20th May this product will be available at it’s full price of £37.

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