Luxurious Gift Buying Inspiration


At the beginning of the year I sit back, open a new, fresh and beautifully empty diary and start to fill in all of the special occasions. Every year it quickly dawns on me that I’m going to have to get moving as this week alone I have four birthdays (we have a big family, I have 5 siblings, Roy has four…). Thankfully shopping for special gifts no longer involves a stressful trek to a shopping centre and hours of frustrated buying (all hail the internet!).

There is nothing nicer than handing over a gift you know your friend or family member will love and I always try and look for something a little different, a little special. Living in a rural market town the shopping opportunities are few and far between, and with numerous other siblings all shopping in the same place moving elsewhere or going online is the online way to find something unique.

Finding Gifts That are Different

For the grown-ups on my list I try and find something a little luxurious, something that person would love and yet wouldn’t necessarily treat themselves to. Luxury at 1 offers a wide range of handcrafted gifts that tick all of my gift buying boxes perfectly (and I’m quite excited to have found it!). From ethically sourced Alpaca yarn items to Native World silver possum merino wrist warmers (these may be on the list titled “things Roy should buy Nicki”) and much more there are plenty of gorgeous items to choose from.

Thankfully this is one of those sites where I can find something for everyone, from the awkward to buy for blokes (At least one of my brother in laws will be getting one of the fabulous Russian hats Luxury at 1 have on offer for Christmas) to the much easier to shop for sisters.

Home Related Gifts

Not everyone wants clothing and accessories, bags or indeed anything fashion related. Personally I adore home related gifts (yes pretty or stylish ones) and so these make great choices for my family and friends. Quirky items like pretty soaps which can be used for display and use, gorgeous ornaments and even toiletries which look as great as they smell are perfect for my extensive gift list and the beauty of shopping at a place like Luxury at 1 is that the hard work in sourcing something a little different has already been done for me.

Gifts For Me

As Roy does from time to time read this blog, especially when pointed towards it I thought it only fair that I use this opportunity to let him know that this a site he absolutely may consider worthy of buying anniversary presents from and the likes. I adore the handcrafted nature of many of the items here and ethically sourced products are important to me and something I’ve written about before.



Enjoying The Shopping Experience

I’ll be honest, I hate shopping. The mad rush, the heat, the endless busy and stressed atmosphere; it really isn’t my thing. I really do appreciate being able to find what I want online without having to leave my home and am extremely grateful that finding luxurious gifts without joining the shopping hoards is no longer a dream, but a very affordable reality.