Interior Design Disagreements Solved

Roy and I are pretty much on the same page about pretty much everything. After nearly fourteen years of marriage, we tend to share many of the same likes and dislikes. Right now, we are planning a new dining room and living room and there have been a few things we’ve disagreed on.

When I say a new living room and dining room I mean our two (good sized) rooms run together and while they are separate they share a carpet etc. We are having our utility room rebuilt at the end of April and after that is done and the mess is finished with we plan to re-carpet through the lounge/dining room, install vertical blinds in the bay window (for privacy and to manage sunlight) and buy a new (or new to us) suite. We are agreed on a three seater and a one seat/armchair.

What we disagreed on is how to revamp the room. I prefer to keep our neutral walls and insert colour and style by searching for pieces that work via example, a one stop shop for every room such as LionsHome. Roy wanted to think about a feature wall. Now, the problem was that we are looking at using grey, dark grey and light. I think grey on the walls or even just a feature wall will be too dark. Don’t you?

My idea, which Roy did come around to once we had a good browse online was to stay neutral, ditch any ideas of painting and papering and perhaps add a grey-striped carpet, grey curtains and then jazz the room up with some colourful cushions.

I’m thinking of something like this, maybe.  Photo credit

The last time we undertook a living room makeover it was significantly smaller (a different house) and we had a baby and a small boy. Now the small boy is heading for secondary school shortly and the baby is six (and a half) and so we feel we can be a bit more grown up with our choices. How their rooms look under the pile of toys and clothes is up to them.

The corner of my living room. As you can see I have high ceilings and a large room. The neutral wall colour has to stay.

While I’m not exactly fickle about my interior design choices, I do like to be able to switch things around and inject a new colour or theme without breaking the bank or having to repaint (I hate painting with a passion). For example, at the moment I have a gold, silver, wood and blue thing going on (warmer than you’d think) but like the idea of a mixture of greys, neutrals and a pop of colour. In eight or nine months I might be ready to ditch the grey altogether and so will be looking for home decorations in a new colour or set of colours.

So, while we originally disagreed on how to address the paint/don’t paint dilemma/disagreement I think being able to browse so many looks and home accessories online made it easier to visualise what we both wanted and how it would work.

Now, where to buy a two-room carpet without needing to sell a (Roy’s) kidney. I just need to convince him that striped over plain is the way to go…….




Top Tips for Decorating a Baby’s Room

I might have mentioned previously that one of my sisters is pregnant with her first child. I am absolutely thrilled for her and can’t wait to meet the new arrival (I have until October to wait so I am feeling quite impatient). Anyway, with an impending new arrival in the family and for all of the hundreds of my friends who seem to be pregnant at the moment I thought I’d share these top tips as a reminder for some and new info for others, many of which were shared with me when I was pregnant.

Plan Ahead

A baby isn’t a baby for very long. Before you know it they are turning over by themselves, pulling themselves up on the cot sides, standing and then before you have a chance to blink they are toddlers running around the room. Bear this in mind when considering the amount of space in the room and how much you would have to change to alter the nursery to suit an active toddler.

Stay Neutral

Unless you have a fondness for constantly re-papering or painting a room the best bet may be to go either for a neutral colour or just one colour rather than something fussy. Kieran had a train bedroom, a Boo bedroom, a car bedroom and cute teddy bear bedroom and those are just the few that come easily to mind. I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t have to redecorate to accommodate his growing sense of style, likes and dislikes as I used removable wall stickers, pictures hung on the wall that couldn’t be reached and simply changed bedding and curtains as and when was needed. It saved us a fortune and lots of effort.

Consider Storage

Babies don’t actually need very much, especially in their bedrooms. Again, they are not babies for long as soon you will have more books, toys, teddies, dolls, train tracks and outfits than you know what to do with. Incorporate adequate storage into your room when you set it up.

Invest in Blackout Blinds

There are a variety of solutions available for blacking out the light from a nursery window which enables little ones to settle easier for a nap during the day, go down for bed even when it is still light outside and of course eliminates the risk of them being woken by the rising sun. Choose a blackout solution that doesn’t involve hanging cords for blinds that may be reached when the baby becomes a curious toddler.

 Reading back on all of that I’m almost sorry I won’t be arranging a nursery of my own again. ALMOST sorry 🙂