Looking For Solo (No Kids) Travel Adventures

I’m all about confessions at the moment and so here is another one. I’ve never been abroad. Not once!

I don’t even have a passport at the moment. I never felt the urge to travel abroad before the kids. We were too busy working, getting married and enjoying ourselves and once the boys arrived any ideas regarding foreign travel went right out the window. Right now we are staycationers, with the boys getting as much out of Whitby beach and our fabulous UK as they would a similar (if not warmer!) beach abroad.

I’m not saying that we won’t travel as a family as we do plan to, when they are both a little older and able to fully appreciate where we go and what we do (we are walkers and history buffs so with the youngest being only four we’d like him to be a little older before we show him the world). We’ve considered a driving holiday (through the Euro Tunnel) and beyond, camping as we go as well as single destination hols where we can plan in advance everything we want the boys to see and enjoy with us.

Right now though we browse the internet and enjoy planning our own adventures, the ones that Roy and I plan to take (on our own) when the boys are older / otherwise occupied! I’ve posted before about the idea of a cruise and I have to say that the idea really does appeal. I’ve seen other bloggers review cruise holidays and was astounded to see the inside of some of the cabins and the range of activities and what not on board. I have to say that this option really does look perfect.

Even better the cruises look easy to customise if that makes sense. I love the fact that there are so many activities and options for a cruise holiday however when Roy and I plan to start solo holidays the boys will be older and have left home so we’ll be likely to be looking at Saga cruise around Europe and therefore will likely be looking at some of the more relaxing (and luxurious!) options available.

Cruise holidays to me look like they tick all of the boxes as you are enjoying your holiday while someone else is doing all of the travel-related work for you, depositing you in fabulous cities around the world. This allows you to take in the sights, enjoy local foods, shows and more before going back aboard to your now familiar and comfortable cabin and setting off in a leisurely fashion to your next destination.

I love the idea of European exploration especially, as does Roy as there are so many fabulous cities to see and we are both architecture and history buffs so will be able to plan in advance what we want to see and do (looking for more authentic experiences rather than touristy ones) before moving on.

Until then our family travel plans are fairly open however we do have definite plans to really enjoy exploring just the two of us later on, no doubt causing mischief wherever we go and loving every minute of it.  What about you? Do you have plans to travel the world later or are you already enjoying exploring? Perhaps we shouldn’t hold off so long and bite the expensive bullet that comes with organising passports for us all. What do you think?