Clawsom Crab Multi Tool from Kikkerland

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Does anyone else find shopping for fellas difficult? You’d think I’d be better at it than I am, being outnumbered three to one here but it’s different with children and my husband (thankfully) has a range of cool hobbies and interests which makes him easy to buy for. When it comes to brothers / brothers in law, male friends and what though I often find myself falling back on toiletries and beer because I know they’ll be drunk / used / enjoyed so not wasted. This year I’ve been trying to find something else, something different!

Once you get past books, socks, toiletries, wine and chocolates or fudge, where else is there to do unless you ask a person outright that they want or end up spending over your budget? A week or so ago an email dropped in my inbox introducing the Clawsom Crab Multi Tool from Kikkerland. As it happens quite a few “perfect presents” mailings arrives the same day however this one stood out. It wasn’t flashy, it didn’t promise to revolutionise my gift-giving rituals and yet it was exactly what I was looking for, a gift for a bloke that would be useful, enjoyed and which had a nifty design.

Many men (and women as it happens, yes us women do fix things) find a multi-tool a useful thing to have around but wouldn’t ordinarily go and buy one for themselves that wasn’t a cheap and cheerful version. The difference with this multi-tool is that while it’s useful, it’ll also make someone smile when they use it and of course will look fabulous on the workbench, the desk; wherever!

I was sent a Clawsome Crab to have a play with so that I could review it and tell you guys what I thought, and here it is:

  • It looks awesome
  • Features an attractive beechwood “shell”
  • Stainless steel tools
  • Attached appendages include a bottle opener, mini scissors, a mini knife, a can opener, a rope saw and a 3.16 flat head screwdriver.
  • Arrives attractively packaged with a clear front so that the lucky recipient (or you) can see what’s in the box.

I think it’s great. It’s practical, quirky and I’ve carefully put it back in its box and wrapped it up for Roy to enjoy at Christmas. Sorry other male relatives, I was happy to send Colin Crab your way but then I named it so, you know, he’s practically part of the family now.

Overall I give this fab crab multi-tool a solid 5* / 5*

If you’re looking to push past the usual socks and cufflinks this could make a perfect gift for the tool fan in your life or a special treat for you to enjoy.

*PS Kikkerland accepts no liability for loss of the Clawsome Crab Multi Tool due to jealous thievery. Please keep your multi-tool close and secure as fellow multi-tool fans won’t be able to resist picking it up and playing with it which may lead to accidentally long-term borrowing.

Smiggle York

Smiggle York

Last week I was asked if I would like to visit the new Smiggle stationery store in York (Coney Street) for a nose around and to report back on what I thought. Have any of you ever watched Mary Poppins? You know that song, “A few of my favourite things”? That sums up Smiggle for me. There’s stationery, cool and geeky gifts; there’s a furry diary for goodness sake. Needless to say, I was happy to accept the task.

The store itself is pretty easy to find, just a short walk from the Park & Ride stop near the museum gardens.


Lee, the unfortunate member of staff on duty the day I landed was very accommodating, not rolling his eyes once as I ran around the store screeching “Look at this” and “Oooh look at that” to the friend who had come along with me. Indeed he was really helpful, making great suggestions for Christmas gifts and finding me something I’d been looking for.

Thanks for your help Lee!

One thing that I have to address is the fact that Smiggle is not a store for girls, or at least not “just” for girls. There is a huge range suitable for lovers of pink, green, purple, blue and of course bright yellow. There’s also no maximum age limit on Smiggle items either which means it is perfectly acceptable to fill your own office with cola smelling erasers, chocolate scented pencils and pop art dogs in sunglasses.

Just a tiny selection of the fab items in store.

As a thank you for taking the time to go and visit the store I was given a £25 gift voucher to use on anything there I fancied (although to be fair I’d have gone purely for the pleasure of it). Taking advantage of the 5 for £5 range I bought some bits for the boys, a colour-changing  fiber optic thingy for Taylor and a light up book-looking secret safe for Kieran. Needless to say, I’m one cool Mum in their eyes right now.


I also spotted while I was there the Smiggle advent calendar. At £28 you might think that it’s a little steep however when you look at what’s inside (staff hide a picture of “typical” contents behind the till so no children can see in advance what they’ll get) you’d agree that actually, it’s brilliant value. I’ve not bought one yet but only because I’m pointing the husband in that general direction so he can treat me!

Psst… Roy, this one!

All in all the visit was a rip-roaring success and I can see now why Smiggle has such a big following. The staff seem great, there is a huge range of items for all ages, in a number of designs, some great bundles for presents and it’s DIFFERENT! It’s rare to find items that are quirky and bit special but Smiggle has pulled this off brilliantly.

Have a look on the website (sign up  to the newsletter to get money off in store or online) and get yourself along to the York store (or any store if York isn’t local to you). I’ll be visiting again before Christmas, for the boys and for me!

There’s more info on the new store here, which talks about not just the opening of the store but who and what Smiggle are all about. Don’t leave it too long before you visit!

I love how they display their pencils!