REVIEW: A Little Book Of Alliterations, Felix Arthur & Jenny Capton

Published by: Inside Pocket

I thought this book was a great find for me as Kieran is in Reception class and currently starting his journey into being a reader (much too soon inmy opinion, he should stop immediately and go back to only playing with trains and playdough so I don’t have to recognise the fact that he has grown up!). Each page has a delightful illustration accompanied with a short piece focussed on using alliteration, ie A- Awful Auntie Agatha ate all of Arthur’s available apples. To me this is a great way to familiarise a child with the different letter sounds and can be used to explore further words.
However, I think after exploring this book more closely that it is a little old language wise for Kieran ie 4yrs old with a good varied vocabulary, as there is a good amount of words such as quivering, utterances, zestfully etc, which aren’t exactly in the Oxford Reading Tree’s key words for this stage. Is is however good for children who are perhaps a little older, with a more varied vocabulary and who are at the stage where they are working on creative writing.

I do have to say though that this book is entirely unsuitable for adults with low maturity, ie me at the moment, largely due to passages such as:

R – Rugged Roger rode roughly round Red Ruby’s ring
W – Weird Willie would willingly wear whatever Wilma wished (alongside what appears to be an illustration of a warthog in drag lol).

That said, the majority of readers won’t be as silly minded as myself, so as a great way to show colourful examples for alliteration to older children, using A-Z and also sounds such as SH and CH, this book does fit the bill.

This title can be purchased from Amazon and leading stores.

REVIEWL B.Sensible Bedding (waterproof, noiseless fitted sheet)

 B.Sensible is described as “A New Dawn In Bedding For Everyone” and I received a double fitted sheet and protector in one. This was advertised as being waterproof, breathable and fully fitted. As Kieran is now 4years old and has been fully toilet trained for over two years, I asked if I could test an adult sized sheet, rather than a child, although the only difference is in the sizing.

First impressions:
When I received my B.Sensible sheet I was impressed at how well presented it was. It definitely had the look of a luxury item, being well packaged and encased in a branded bag. Very impressive indeed.
The feel- Oh my word!! To the touch this sheet is incredibly soft. This surprised me as I was yet to find a waterproof sheet that is soft, and was amazed to find it was completely noiseless – no rustling, crinkling, no plastic feel, it is just a sheet and the information states “No other sheet or mattress protector is required”.  A bit dubious on that, it is just a sheet really? So onto….

The Testing!
Well first off this product definitely stands up to it’s claim of being supersoft! It is soft, cool and very luxurious feeling!
Now I have to say, I didn’t have much faith in the fact that this product was waterproof and didn’t need the usual plastic sheet underneath.
Test1: Damp towel, I put a damp towel on the bed and left it for half an hour. When I removed it, the top of the bed was a slight bit damp, under the sheet wasn’t and it very quickly dried of it’s own accord.
Test 2: The wet flannel (barely wrung out),- this got slapped down on the bed and left for a half hour, again, the top was damp, slightly more damp than with the towel but not so wet that it needed wringing. Again the underneath was dry and it again dried out of it’s own accord.
Ok, if used on a child’s bed for during bet wetting etc you wouldn’t leave them in their own pee and hope it dried itself, but I am definitely impressed all the same.

The results:
I am confident enough from my non-laboratory testing, that I can recommend this as a supersoft, highly absorbent sheet (great for hot sweaty sleepers, and husbands who risk life and limb by leaving towels on the bed certainly) which doesn’t need an additional sheet underneath for moderate amounts of moisture.

I didn’t go as far in my testing a to throw a glass of water on there to see if it would absorb that, but I am nevertheless impressed and would definitely try the cot/toddler version available from Suavinet for baby 2. 
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