When My 10yr Old Son Made Me Cry

“I’m cool with being uncool at school. Do you know why Mum? Because I don’t have to worry about peer pressure and I can just be me. I’m my own kind of cool”.

This is what my ten year old said today when we were chatting about school and life in general over a brew after school. He just came out with it and I’m not ashamed to admit that it brought tears to my eyes, not because I’m upset because he’s not in the 1% “(the cool kids”) but because he is turning into an amazing, level-headed, mature and quite frankly awesome young man. 

He’s in his last year of primary school right now which is a tough year. His school days are very much SATs-led at the moment, he’s leaving primary school in the summer and making the jump to secondary school (which is very different to what he’s used to) and there are a lot of hormones flying about for him and his peers.

The transition from pre-teen to teen isn’t an easy one but you know what, I’m not worried. This kid is something of a superstar and I can’t wait to see how he continues to grow (or as he’d put it, evolves – thanks Pokemon).

Children Going Away For the First Time

school trip,

On Wednesday Kieran, newly turned nine went off with the rest of the year four children at his school to a two night, three day residential at Carlton Lodge.

His days will have involved kayaking, raft building and sailing, jumping into a big lake, orienteering, climbing up ridiculously high structures and jumping off (along a zip wire) and more. A fantastic opportunity that I’m so pleased the school have organised.

While I’m sure he’s had an absolutely fabulous time and probably not given us a second thought we’ve missed him terribly! This is the first time Kieran’s been away from us and it’s been pretty rough to be honest, not least for Taylor. He’s been sneaking into Kieran’s room to check whether he’s come back yet (since he left), has complained that “nothing is cool when he isn’t here” and “it’s taking too long for him to come back!”.  I was happy to hear him also grudgingly say out of the blue that he hopes he’s having fun though.

This is us walking Taylor to his childminder before taking Kieran to school to set off for the trip. Taylor didn't want to walk with me, only Kieran and wouldn't let go of him. He's missed him!
This is us walking Taylor to his childminder before taking Kieran to school to set off for the trip. Taylor didn’t want to walk with me, only Kieran and wouldn’t let go of him. He’s missed him!

As a parent you look forward to new experiences and hitting milestones. Kieran going away for the first time is probably the first milestone that I’ve struggled with. I’ve not been concerned for his safety, how he’d cope or whether he’d enjoy himself and I’ve no doubt that it will have been truly epic (as he describes such things). My angst has been totally self-centered. I’ve missed him!

The house has felt weird! More than that though it really has brought to my attention that these little babies aren’t babies anymore. Hardly one to wrap them in cotton wool I’ve been keen to encourage independence. That’s come back to bite me on the backside now!  I’m not complaining really, I was pleased to see him leave so confidently.

I do wish that they’d slow down with the whole growing up thing though!