Parenting Goal #4223 Achieved

The Lego late night bedroom walk of agony.
Attending sports days in the rain.
Scrubbing  school uniform collars late at night.

It was all worth it folks…..


Kieran can now make decent coffee (for me) on demand. Emphasis on decent. 

Forget the dirty nappies, the time he used my favourite pen to show me he could write his numbers (on my kitchen wall), the time he mixed my expensive face creams and my conditioner to make a potion….

It has all led to this moment.

I’m so proud!

Thirsk yarn-Bombed for the Tour de Yorkshire

I’ve known about the proposed yarn-bombing of our fabulous town for a while but nothing could have prepared any of us for the amazing display that greeted us this morning. Taylor and I set off early for a walk around town, up to Norby and beyond and…. wow.

300+ volunteers have been stitching away in secret for months and haven’t they done a wonderful job? When the Tour de Yorkshire racers come through Thirsk on Sunday 1st May they will have a lot to smile about. Needless to say there are many proud Thirsk-ites today!

These are just a few photos we took this morning (there were over 100). If you want to see more hop over to my Facebook if we are connected or have a look at the Thirsk Yarnbomber Visitor’s Facebook Page.

Our yarn bombers really have done us proud!


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