Decorating With Photographs In Your Home

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Photographs are a great way of capturing memories. By decorating with photographs in your home you can remind yourself of happy times. It could bring a sense of warmth to your home and give it more character.

Of course, there are many different ways to decorate your home with photographs, each of which can have different effects. Below are just a few tips for decorating with photographs. 

Give centre stage to meaningful photographs

When it comes to large photographs in prime locations, you should make sure that they are meaningful. This could include a photograph containing your most treasured family members or a photograph of a huge event in your life such as a wedding, your graduation or a big sporting achievement. 

Such photographs should ideally be high quality. If you haven’t got any high quality meaningful photos you could consider using a  professional photographer that specialises in family photography. Some professional photographers are able to take photos for you in your home or in a place that is special to you.

Such photos could be blown up on canvas or on acrylic. Alternatively, you could put a small photo in a frame in a special place such as the middle of the mantlepiece or your bedside cabinet.

Decorating with photographs: Make a photo collage

Photo collages can be a great way of displaying multiple photographs together. These could be photographs of a certain event such as a holiday or a wedding or photographs of a certain person that is special in your life. 

You could stick these photos on a board to create a true collage or you could hang multiple photos in frames as a cluster on a wall. Photo collages can be great ways of filling empty walls in your home.

Create a hallway gallery

Looking for a way to spice up your hallway? Hallway galleries are a popular option – this involves filling your hallway with photographs. If you’ve got lots of photographs that you’d like to display in your home, but you don’t want to clutter up other rooms in your home, the hallway is often a great place to put these photos.

You could even consider a staircase gallery. As you and guests go up the stairs, they can then take a look at the various photos. You could even tell a story with these photos as you’re going up the stairs – the photos could show your kids growing up or you could display photographs of childhood here. 

Add photos to your fridge

The refrigerator door can be a great place to display photos. These could be in the form of fridge magnets or they could be photographs stuck onto the fridge with magnets. Make this a place for happy photos that you’ll enjoy seeing every morning when you reach into the fridge.

Make a photo banner

You could consider making a banner out of photos. This involves hanging photographs from string. Banners can be a great decorative feature outdoors or possibly hanging from a banister. You could even hang them on the ceiling of a kitchen or around the walls of a dining room. As with collages, you could theme these photos around particular events or people.

Consider a photo shrine to loved ones that have passed

A photo shrine could be a great way of immortalising loved ones who have passed away. This could include parents, friends, past pets and other meaningful people. This could be displayed somewhere private such as a bedroom or somewhere public such as a living room. When building a shrine to loved ones, make sure to choose photographs associated with happy memories – consider photographs of when they were healthy and consider family photographs. 


Everyone uses photography differently within their home. However you choose to display or use yours, anything visual and easy to see and enjoy is better than memories stored away on a drive or memory card.

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