Business Shipping – The Effective Way

Business Shipping

Nowadays, the rise of eCommerce means that businesses are catering to wider and larger audiences than ever before. Just a few decades ago, businesses would cater to their local communities, serving people who lived nearby and would come into a traditional brick and mortar store. Now more people are shopping online, businesses of all shapes and sizes are able to use different business shipping options to deliver goods to customers across the nation, or even customers across the globe.

Being able to ship goods out opens you up to more potential customers meaning more potential profit. You’re going to have to survey your shipping options and take care of the shipping process effectively to make sure your customers get their goods in good time. Here are some steps to take and areas to take into consideration to achieve this.

Choosing the Best Shipping Method

There are a number of different shipping options and shipping methods for every business. It’s important to take a look at what’s available to you and to choose the best method for you! If you’re a startup or small business and don’t have huge numbers of orders yet, you may want to use local and national delivery services. This will keep costs low, as you only pay the cost of posting the items you sell. As you grow, however, you may find that investing in your own lorry, hiring your own delivery drivers and getting goods from A to B of your own accord is more profitable. Make sure to use the right fuel from if you do this to keep costs low.

Business Shipping: Packaging Your Products Correctly

Before you send any items out, you need to ensure that they are packed properly. This will guarantee that goods arrive well wrapped without any dirt on them, without any parts missing and in a way that represents your brand. There are basic options like parcel paper and tape or unbranded parcel bags, however, it’s generally best to use branded packaging. Where possible, make sure to use eco-friendly packaging options. This can include using cardboard instead of plastic, cardboard packing instead of bubble wrap or polystyrene pellets and more. 

Use Tracking

Generally speaking, it’s best to make sure that any high-value items are tracked. Most customers are honest, but every so often you will find someone who will try their luck and pretend that the item hasn’t arrived, demanding a refund. You don’t want to find yourself at a loss, so it’s generally best to use tracking on all high-value products. Likewise, by using tracking you are enhancing your customer’s experience which builds your reputation and brand loyalty.

Business Shipping: Include Returns Forms

If you are offering returns or exchanges, make sure to include your returns form within the package. This will help customers to return easily, improving their experience and maximising satisfaction.

Effective business shipping really does take a lot more thought than many business owners attribute to it. So, invest in the area and do your utmost to make your shipping process as efficient and straightforward as possible!


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