Unwind Time


I had no idea until I became a mother and then started running my own business just how much stress a day could heap up me, both physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life and wouldn’t change a thing however there are times when I think that if I don’t have some “me” time….

This last week or two alone I’ve had huge amounts of work all of a sudden (when I’m trying to empty the diary for half term next week), my next door neighbours are having their outside area renovated and a structure build (lots of drilling constantly and sandblasting from 8am of a morning until teatime, including Sunday!) and well, it’s all been so busy!

We’ve had Code Club for Kieran, the library for Taylor, the cake sale to bake for and attend, homework, work, we had people over for a local group we host every other Sunday so the house needed a good going over, an awkward client, an invoice that needed chasing up with a stern word… so much going on. There hasn’t been anything big or momentous, just lots of little things on top of the usual little things which have really bogged me down. Thankfully I have a supportive husband who gives me “The Look” when I’ve taken on too much or need to exhale properly and I’ve come to recognise that point in myself. That point where I need to say…




So I stopped and am looking to redress the balance a little, to wind down and if you like, find myself. Quite often when I do get to the point where a little self-love is needed I feel it physically as well as mentally. My muscles are tight, I might have shoulder, neck or back ache and headaches are pretty much a given.

For me a solo walk around the countryside is a welcome way for me to focus on me, as is yoga. Sometime simply lying in a dark room with headphones on and some favourite music can be enough to bring my stress levels down.  To address the physical side however I’d love to try something like Thai massage or an aromatherapy message (I believe scent can be a powerful thing).  By the end of the summer holidays, juggling being mum and working from home a deep muscle massage might in order (which is handy as the boys go back to school a day or so after my birthday so I might book myself in for a  massage or similar).

Once upon a time my younger self believed you could shake things off or that there was probably a pill for that ache or pain. My older, hopefully wiser self is a fan of the more holistic mind and body approach for every day wellness. This is something I need to look at more while looking after myself to stop the build-up of stress.

What do you do to unwind?


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