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Who read my hydration pledge post? I did indeed at the beginning of August pledge/promise/sincerely plan to increase the number of glasses of water I was drinking and boost my hydration levels.

Have I managed it? Mostly! I won’t fib and tell you that I religiously drink 8 glasses of water a day like a hydration champ because I don’t however I have gone from no glasses of water and lots of black coffee toΒ  5-6 glasses of water, herbal teas and one coffee a day in just under a month. I’m calling that a success and something to build on.

Why did I take the pledge? For those who don’t click through to the original post I decided to do this for health reasons. I have to say that the results have been encouraging. Apart from that one time that I feel off the wagon, had no water one day and felt utterly awful the next day I’ve maintained my hydration levels and have been feeling great. My energy levels have risen (I’ve even taken on Yoga!), I sleep better and once I got over the initial first few days of weeing like a racehorse all has been well.

Staying motivated hasn’t been the easiest thing, it never is when you are forming new habits however I’ve found great support from Hydr8more and in particular their blog which is packed with reasons why you should hydrate, how hydration helps you and tips for getting the job done (all in a non-preachy fashion which I appreciate).

Furthermore the lovelies at Hydr8more have decided to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win this bad boy (or girl!). The Hydr8more Alkaline Water jug is portable, holds 2 litres and as well as filtering water it introduces valuable minerals. Click through to read all of the other benefits of using this jug.

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Did I say you could win one? Yes.

I don’t run competitions often as regular readers know however I thought this would be a prize worth winning (I’m treating myself to one too as our tap water is “hard” and I could benefit from a mineral packed softer water drink).

To enter…..

Leave me a comment below answering the following question:

What is your best idea for remembering to drink 8 glasses every day

That’s it, no hoops to jump through, no need to promise me the soul of your first born child, just have a nosy at the site, enjoy their no-nonsense blog and answer the question.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition will end at midday on Monday September 14th 2015
  • One answer per person please, multiples will be deleted
  • The winner will be contacted via email shortly after this giveaway ends to confirm their delivery address.
  • The jug will be sent direct from Hydr8more.
  • If I don’t hear back from the winner within 5 days a new winner will be chosen.
  • The winner will be chosen using a randomiser programme.
  • My decision is final
  • I reserve the right to pinch any of your answers to help me remember to keep hydrating!

What are you waiting for? Feel free to share the post so that others might be in with a chance and good luck!


*Even if you don’t win it is worth having a think about your hydration levels and what you could do to improve these.



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  1. I take a large bottle of water to work (1.5L), and sit it on my desk. I make sure I finish it before I go home. Then I drink 2 more glass in the evening.

  2. Invest in some lovely bright coloured drinks bottles. Leave them near your handbag and fill up a couple before you go out. I then keep one bottle in the front of my car and one in my handbag so I am reminded to keep drinking πŸ™‚

  3. Fill a bottle (or bottles) with the water you want to drink for the day in the morning and make sure it’s all gone by the evening.

  4. Every time I put the kettle on to have a cup of coffee – I now change my mind and have a glass of water

  5. I always have a bottle of water in my bag when I’m out and about. At home I use a pint glas and make sure I drink one in the morning, at lunch and dinner time and in between I drink lots of herbal teas

  6. I drink four glasses in the morning and four glasses in the evening – I find it easier to remember that way!

  7. I find having a routine helps me a lot, example first thing in the morning have a glass, after work another and so on x

  8. I put a just or a litre bottle of water next to me in the morning and then I fill it up again at lunchtime.

  9. Put a reminder on your phone so that it goes off at certain times of the day to remember to stay hydrated!

  10. I always carry a bottle of water with me although I admit I am not the best at getting my 8 glasses a day. As I get easly get engrossed in things, like reading blogs.

  11. I have an app where I log how much water I’ve drunk and I check it periodically so I know if I need to drink more.

  12. Fill eight glasses with water and keep them by the kettle, instead of tea or coffee drink a glass of water!

  13. Keep a bottle of water on view in the kitchen so every time you walk in there you see it x

  14. Fill bottles with the water you want to drink for the day and make sure it’s all gone by the evening. πŸ™‚

  15. Fill a jug and leave it in the fridge because it tastes better when cool and you’ll see it whenever you go for a chilled snack.

  16. Drink water with meals – every little helps – and keep a bottle with you when you’re out so you’re not tempted to stop for a coffee.

  17. Drank water continually throughout the day in work and it’s now second nature to have a glassful on hand.

  18. I have a clear jar which every time I have a glass of water I put a colourful glass pebble into it to let me know how many glasses of water that I have drunk for that day x

  19. Have a bottle and know how much it holds, remember how many times you’ve refilled it to kep track of how much you’ve drunk

  20. When at home Leave a plate in kitchen with 8 raisins, every time you have a glass of water eat a raisin, them ou know how many you have left to drink before bed x

  21. I take a big bottle of water to work with me and do my best to drink as much of it as I can throughout the day. If I get hunger pangs I will have a glass of water first to make sure I am not thirsty rather than hungry. When at home I will try and get myself a drink whenever my daughters have a drink and I will leave a glass on the side in the kitchen so whenever I walk past it I remember I should have a drink! Finally I always take a pint glass of water up to bed with me and always drink whatever is left first thing in the morning so at least I get off to a good start! Even with all of that I still don’t drink nearly enough!!

  22. I fill my glass up every hour, on the hour at work (8 hour shift). That way I know I’ve definitely has a minimum of 8 glasses that day

  23. Just before eat I have a glass of water, so 1. I know I’ll drink enough and 2. I won’t eat as much !!

  24. I don’t always get through eight glasses but have got into the habit of drinking one when I clean my teeth, one at lunch and dinner and one with morning and afternoon coffee, so that’s five and I usually have a water bottle on my desk or in my bag if I’m out and about.

  25. There are some lovely phone apps that remind you to drink a glass every hour when you’ve at work to help you drink your 8 glasses a day.

  26. I Have a little tin which I put my almond snack in. For each almond I eat I poor myself a glass of water. Eight almond = eight pints

  27. I have 2 buckets. One contains 12 glasses of water and one contains 15 glasses of water. Each day I fill the the 15 glass bucket then pour it in to the 12 glass bucket. I then know I have 3 glasses of water left in my 15 glass bucket. I drink that (not straight from the bucket but using a 1 glass plastic beaker that I keep with me at all times) and I then know that I need to drink five more glasses. Later in the day I pour the water from the 12 glass bucket in to the 15 glass bucket and fill the remaining 3 glass worth by filling my 1 glass platsic beaker 3 times and pouring them, each time, in to the 15 glass bucket to top up the 12 glasses to 15 glasses. I then pour the the water in to the 12 glass bucket so I know, again, that I have 3 glasses. I drink that using my 1 glass plastic beaker. I then start to fill the 15 glass bucket again from the 12 glass bucket and its usually about this time my husband comes home and reminds me that I have an app which tells me to drink water to ensure I drink enough each day. But I’m not very good with this technology so I stick with my bucket system.

  28. drinking regularly throughout my 12.25 hr shift helps me stay focused on my job which is very demanding πŸ™‚

  29. I have 4 glasses which have 1,2,3 and 4 painted on them underneath these numbers are 5,6,7 and 8 I leave one glass on top of fridge and use it to drink 1 and 8 then put up next glass until all glasses for day have been drunk



  31. Always keeping a pint glass nearby whilst at home and work. Always carrying at least one bottle of water with me when I go out and about

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