Dressing Up (Grown-Up Style)

As some of you will know I’ve lost some weight recently, in fact I’m still losing weight and I’m pretty impressed with my little old self.

Ta daaa!
Ta daaa!

Work in the weight loss department is ongoing, slow but sure however I’m now finding myself faced with a somewhat different challenge….. how to clothe myself! For ages I have worn black, dark grey or if you are very lucky and I’ve been feeling confident a splash of navy. These colours are slimming colours of course and I’ve worn them for years. Having lost some of my my bulk I have experimented with other colours however they just don’t suit. That said a splash of colour rather than a whole top or jumper works really well and is something I’m keen to try.

My problem is that when it comes to scarves and wraps I always look like I’ve let my 4yr old arrange them. My youngest sister L looks fabulous wearing a scarf (winter or summer) and yet this is certainly not a skill I’ve passed to her.

Determined to inject some colour into my wardrobe I will however persevere, following the below advice from the fashion lovelies at Winser London and various how-to videos on YouTube.

If in the meantime you spot me out and about wearing a gorgeous bright pink printed scarf that looks like it is trying to strangle me know that I’m working on it and will at some point crack their use!

If you have any hints or tips to share please do!


Fun Ways to Wear Scarfs and Wraps 

Cashmere Wrap from Winser London

No outfit is complete without some accessories. And scarfs are up there with some of the most popular ways to make sure that your outfit stands out.  

They’re not just useful at keeping you cosy on those not-so-warm spring days, scarves are also a great way to bring your whole outfit together.  

Neck wrap  

Spring may be on the way, but there’s certainly still a chill in the air. A scarf in the neck wrap style is an accessory that can keep you warm and looks chic, yet can easily be removed at the chance of rare spring sunshine. 

For those days where the weather is still quite cool, a scarf tied in a neck wrap style is a great addition to any outfit. It’s an extra layer of warmth that can easily be taken off, and popped in a bag or in a cloakroom. 

This style looks great with a long skirt, a smart blazer, or with some sunglasses for an elegant look. It’s an ever popular style and that looks great on you for many years. 

Simply fold the scarf twice around your neck and loop the other end through. Voila!  

Double loop 

If you want something a little different than the standard scarf, there are plenty of lovely styles to choose from – like this unusual and striking double loop.  

Yasmin la Bon is one of the best known supermodels, and is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Whilst she is nearly 50 years old, she has the face and body of a woman half her age.   

She enjoys wearing her scarf styled in an attractive double loop. This unusual style catches the eye and is also really great at keeping you warm. 

This look can be achieved easily. Just loop your scarf like normal and make a figure of eight. It looks particularly chic when done with a soft merino scarf or pashmina – soft, sophisticated and lightweight.  

Cosy neck wrap 

Keep your neck nice and warm, and use your scarf in this cosy neck wrap style. 

Simply loop your scarf around itself until there is no more length, and after that just tuck the ends in to create this endless effect. Nice and cosy, and looks fashionable too. 

What material? 

The material of your scarf is almost as important as the style, colour and make of your scarf. It’s important information to consider! 

Our favourite scarf materials are as follows: 

  • Cashmere 
  • Merino wool 
  • Silk 


If there’s an accessory you desire and you want really high quality, there can be no other choice apart from Winser London.

And as with all our clothing, we only use the best materials so you’ll get to keep them for a lifetime. 

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