Why I Work From Home and For Myself

I work from home full time and am my own boss. In my previous life (before children) I worked for the National Autistic Society, an unbelievably rewarding career and one which did tend to take up a fair amount of my focus, whether I was in work, on call or not. It was a fabulous position, offering so much variety and a real opportunity to make a difference. I worked in adult services and dealt with anything from hands on support to recruiting staff, training, rotas, pre-appraisals and more. It felt like more of a vocation than a job.

I fully intended to go back to work after Kieran was born and even got as far as my back to work interview. I sat and listened to how my role would be changing, my hours would be different, about key changes within the service and the organisation and all I could think of was how I couldn’t come back, that I didn’t want to come back.

In the short time since I’d been on maternity leave my focus had shifted monumentally. I was a mother now and had different priorities. I stood up, thanked the person I was speaking to and told her I wouldn’t be coming back. I’m not sure who was more surprised to be honest, her or myself.

I went to see Roy at his workplace afterwards to drop my bombshell and was amazed at how thrilled he was. He knew how much I loved my work however also knew that inside I was struggling with the idea of going back into my extremely hour-intensive position. He’d wanted me to make the decision to make changes without him influencing me, something I love him for, and so my first steps into self-employment began.

The road was anything but smooth in the early days as a cut in income like that overnight has a hell of an impact however neither of us regrets the decision for a minute. I’ve been my own boss for eight and a half years now and have absolutely no intention of rejoining the world of work as an employee again.

When I’m working at 4am to meet a ridicuously tight deadline or those times when I’ve had to get heavy with someone who thinks paying an invoice is optional I’ve for a fleeting second thought “Wouldn’t it be easier to go to work, come home and have a fixed income?”. Then I laugh at myself. I absolutely love my life, I love my work and most of all I love the flexibility it allows me  so that I may be on hand whenever my family needs me.

Taylor woke up this morning and he was decidedly “off” for want of a better description; parents just know when a little one is not at their best. After breakfast he actually took himself off to bed again so I got in touch with his (fab) childminder and told her Taylor was staying at home today. Work has been shelved (to be continued after tea tonight and very early tomorrow morning) but today was for Taylor. True to form by 9.30am he was absolutely fine, if not a little tired so we’ve enjoyed a wonderfully chilled out day together. We watched tv under a pbanket, coloured in, toasted teacakes and just spent a day enjoying each other’s company.

I didn’t need to ring in sick, apologise for taking time off, use holidays to cover the day off, the same way I don’t for sports day, Christmas carol services, half terms and other special events.

And THIS is why I work from home and for myself.


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  1. I am a teacher so I can’t just work at home for myself but I have cobbled together various teaching freelance jobs that together make a whole – and some of them are private lessons given at home. It also gives me the flexibility to go to school events or be at home if DD is under the weather. I also enjoy being my own boss. I totally get it.

  2. Yep, ditto! Every time one of my kids wakes up and says ‘I don’t feel well’ or the school calls and says ‘XX may have broken his/her XXX’ I give silent thanks to the universe that I work from home.

  3. I disagree. If anything I think there’s more responsibility when you work for yourself as you can’t call in sick when a child is ill like you would with a normal job. You do have to apologise for taking time off, especially with regular clients as it’s not fair to let them down, you have to book your holidays around clients schedules instead of picking a date that suits. You have to work twice as hard and twice as many hours in order to build a good reputation and if you want to compete and be a leader you have to be 100% reliable. I wouldn’t change it but it is much easier and less responsibility working for a company and bringing home a salary if you have regular clients that view you as indispensable.

    1. Six and two threes for me. I agree with your points and don’t for a minute suggest that working for yourself is easier, it is however better for me and my family. If I have a throwing up child that needs me I can’t sit at a computer and let them get on with it, I have to reschedule, worth through the night (as we’ve all done) or or similar. I don’t take time off willy nilly but compared to what I was doing before this is much more family friendly and works for us as a whole.

      And besides, I’m too much of a bitch these days to play nicely with others in an office etc 🙂

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