5 Of The Best Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

The official wedding season is over (although many people are choosing autumn and winter season weddings these days) and yet now is the time to be organising your summer wedding, not January! Hopefully this guest post will help those looking for inspiration for when it comes to fun reception ideas.

The ceremony is over, that fleeting special moment where you and your betrothed make your solemn vows is now a memory and it’s time for everyone to let down their hair and celebrate. Of course there’s the obligatory meal and speeches, but if you want the good times to last into the evening and beyond you’re going to need some entertainment.

Most wedding venues have space to allow for a band or DJ, and these are the reliable fall backs, but don’t think of them as the be all and end all of your wedding reception entertainment. There are all kinds of fun ideas that can supplement the dancing. Here are 5 of the best wedding reception entertainment ideas that will help make your special day even more memorable.

  1. A Magical Evening. Why not hire a magician? But don’t settle for a sweaty ex-Butlins entertainer doling out predictable old card tricks on a stage. Instead hire a close-up magician who will wander through the reception talking to guests and performing mind-boggling feats of sleight of hand to keep everyone entertained. This kind of act is much more intimate and would work well in even small wedding venues. The great thing about magicians is that guests of all ages will enjoy them.
  2. Smile For The Camera. A wedding photographer is standard issue these days, whether you hire a professional or get one of your gifted friends to do it. In addition to a roaming photographer consider hiring a photo booth. Because there is some privacy guests will tend to relax in a way they won’t when they feel a photographer’s lens on them. You can even hire props resulting in some funny and heart-warming pictures.
    *I have to add to this one. PLEASE choose your photographer carefully. We went for a cheaper and ill-advised option and as consequence have naff photographs!
  3. It’s A Knockout. If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer, or the space inside the wedding venue allows, put on a selection of fun games. Some great options are giant jenga, always fun once people have had a couple of drinks and their hands are a little wobbly, or mini golf. If you fancy something a bit more physical then inflatable sumo is sure to raise some laughs.
    *Mother in Law gladiator fighting anyone?
  4. Roll Up, Roll Up. If you want something different then hiring entertainers who specialise in circus skills is a great choice. You could have stilt walkers greeting the guests, and jugglers, acrobats and fire-breathers circulating throughout the evening to keep guests entertained and on their toes.
  5. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. This one might cost a little, but it’s sure to be an impressive finale to your wedding. Arrange a fireworks display for the end of the evening. You could go all out and have an intricate display timed to music, or go for something a little simpler. Either way it’ll bring everyone together for an amazing experience.
    *I love fireworks!

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