Thinking About Cruises

Have you ever been on a cruise? I haven’t and have always maintained that this type of holiday wasn’t for me. There is no particular reason why I’ve not previously considered a cruise as a holiday, the idea just doesn’t float my boat. Or it didn’t….

There have been a wealth of adverts, blogger campaigns and media exposure around Cruises recently and to be honest for once I’ve taken some notice. I love the sea air and don’t have any particular reason to not to want to sail so perhaps it would be worth examining the idea more.

From what I’ve seen there are an amazing amount of facilities and events on board any of the cruises I’ve seen that are geared towards children and family which has surprised me given that my perception of cruises was always that they were a no-child type holiday. That said I think if we decided on a cruise as a holiday that it would be a special treat for just Roy and I.

One of the reasons I’ve been thinking about cruises and holidays and suchlike is that it will shortly be our tenth wedding anniversary (shortly as in the 28th of June). Obviously we’ve left it a tiny bit late even if we were to search for some last minute Cruise Deals however for future reference (Roy has said he’d love for us to renew our vows at some point) a romantic cruise holiday, especially one that docks in Italy if possible so that we could explore sounds lovely.

One of the things I like about the idea of a cruise is that there is always something to do. The info I’ve seen shows lots of on-board entertainment, workshops, events, shopping, pampering, pools and more. You basically have everything you could ever possibly want right there in one place. This means that should the sun decide not to shine nothing is ruined, we’d just move onto the next entertaining or relaxing activity.

The more I think about it the more I like the idea actually! A mini cruise to get us started (see if we like it or not) would be a great idea and wouldn’t be overly expensive.

My question today is this: Have you been on a cruise? Do you think it could be a great romantic break for the grown-ups, especially when said grown ups love the idea of a mix of fun and pure laziness. I’ll eagerly await responses while I browse for some more cruise destinations I’d like to visit.



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