A Psychic Night In

When it comes to my social life (bearing mind that I have two small boys!), I prefer a night in with the girls rather than a night out on the tiles. We’ve done the usual party plan parties and movie nights however someone recently suggested something that intrigued me and that was the possibility of asking a psychic Tarot reader to come to the house and do readings.

I imagine this would be very entertaining initially however having looked a little further into what trained psychics actually do as part of their work on a daily basis I’m intrigued. Psychics use their gifts and training to help in counselling situations, for clairvoyance, Tarot and much more.

My uneducated assumption of a psychic revolves primarily around what I’ve seen on TV which involves smoke, mirrors and a lot of scary voices. As someone who lives in the real world I have to admit that while I perhaps would not seek out a psychic for my own use that many do and find comfort, aid and support from doing so.

Back to the idea of a night in having some psychic Tarot readings done, it might actually be a lot of fun and could perhaps de-mystify the field somewhat and introduce my friends and I to parts of ourselves and the world that we previously hadn’t thought of or experienced.

I have a good friend who is a Reiki master and while I haven’t experienced Reiki myself I have a lot of respect for what she does and her beliefs. Fifty years ago the idea of something like Reiki might have been a case for ridicule and is now widely accepted. It seems that those who use a different range of gifts, namely psychics are very much the same.

My question for you is this: Have you ever consulted a psychic, had a Tarot reading or similar? I have very little experience of the field and would love to hear other people’s experiences before giving more thought to the idea of having an experienced psychic come to see me and my friends. It may be a giggle and fun but who knows, someone might develop a sincere interest in it all so why not?


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*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet true to my own thoughts, feeling and experiences.

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  1. I’ve had a few tarot readings. Some have been pretty accurate, and some haven’t.
    The most recent one I had was back in February.
    He was amazing, and accurate!
    One thing that he kept coming back to was that something was going to go my way financially. Soon, like within about 4-6 weeks. Just that day I’d sent off the appeal letter for Max’s mobility DLA. Normally you hear back in about 3 weeks, then they take it through the appeals process, which can take months.
    Just one week later (on the dot) I had a phonecall from a nice man who was checking through my appeal to put it through. He asked me to clarify a couple of things and then said that he was going to award us the mobility right there and then. No need for a full appeal, or for it to go to an independent tribunal, just a quick phone call and there it was.
    Completely stumped me, and my support worker. That hasn’t ever happened before, she insisted!
    It’s good to get someone local, and to only have maybe 3-4 people max for them to read, as it can be a long and rather tiring process!
    All in all? Great experience! 🙂

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