Harry Potter for Kinect (Xbox 360)

We were sent this game to trial and review and it has been a big hit!

As the expert on all things Kinect related in our house, Kieran has been happy to give it a go and says:
I love Harry Potter! Daddy is reading me the books but says I have to wait until I’m a little older to read the last ones as they might be a bit scary. This game isn’t scary, it is awesome. I like the Kinect because I can make things move when I want them to and it is better than sitting down all of the time which is boring. I like it when Harry Potter fights Draco Malfoy because I don’t want Slytherin to win (they are the naughty ones). Mummy and Daddy have played this with me too and Daddy is really good but I think mummy needs to practice more. Thank you to the lady who sends us DVDs and this game, I love them all“.

So there you have it, it is a hit. Not sure what he means about my needing more practice but hey-ho.

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Published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment this game has kept us all amused and occupied! As Kieran quite rightly states, it is much more fun being up on your feet and being part of the plot rather than sitting down with a controller.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring Hogwarts, seeing our favourite characters, mixing potions and even taking part in a  Quidditch match. Hours of interactive fun in one little box! This makes the ideal gift for any Harry Potter or adventure game fan as it will keep you going and involved in the numerous tasks for hours on end.

It is safe to say that Warner Brothers have come up trumps again as Harry Potter for the Kinect (available from Amazon) is getting 5/5 from the Cawood family.


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