Finding Time to Unwind

At this time of year I seem to wake up tired in the morning and fall into bed exhausted. This year I have promised myself that my New Year resolution (not that this is an actual resolution as I always break them in the first ten days!) will be to reorganise my time to give me a chance to fit in some quality leisure time. Languishing in front of the TV while finishing emails on the laptop is not what I call quality leisure so I have have come up with a list.

1) Read more. I am an avid reader, enjoying anything from sci-fi and fantasy (more dragons than Christian Grey, although…), and crime novels to proper good old-fashioned chic-lit. My Kindle has been fired back up and I am on the hunt for new authors and titles to get me started. Any recommendation would be gratefully received.

2) Cross stitch. I used to love cross stitching having taken it up years ago when I worked nights as a way to keep myself busy during quiet periods. I don’t really have the patience for large pictures but smaller pictures, cards or maybe even a sampler for my new home would a good idea. Yes, I could really see myself doing something like this again.

3) Social Fun. I work from home full time so I don’t get the staff room chats and work nights out I did in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home but just occasionally some adult conversation is a must. Social media fills this gap pretty well however I am looking for something new, and something that I can do while in my PJs (I’m not at the get dolled up and go out on a night stage yet). I do love a bit of the old bingo so I will probably be having a bit of a flutter and some chatter on a site such as I’m a not big better however if I did find myself winning a few pounds I might indulge myself and buy myself a new fluffy dressing gown (living on the wild side).

Ok, these aren’t as exciting as taking up white water rafting, abseiling (really, why?), or learning to salsa however they are a big step up from my not doing anything just for me  and are things that I can enjoy in the comfort of my own home while wearing fluffy slippers.

I keep telling people that they need to take time out to rewind at the end of a busy day and relax and I believe it could be time for me to start taking my own advice. What do you all do for leisure? Do you watching films? Knit? Climb walls? I’d love to know.

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