When I was fifteen…

“Mummy, in ten years I will be FIFTEEN which is a grown up!”

That is quite possibly the scariest thing that has ever come out of my son’s mouth. Fifteen? I remember all too well who I was and what I was doing at fifteen.

At fifteen I smoked, I drank (like a fish – white lightning cider and 20/20 do not mix well), I fell in love (lust), lost my virginity, had my heart broken (crushed in fact, which I replayed repeatedly to Tom’s Late Night Love-In on the radio as I sobbed into my pillow), I wore ridiculously high mules and suitably short dresses and had a heavier hand with the eye liner than David Bowie ever did.

Don’t get me wrong, at 15 there were some amazing things that I miss to this day, probably most of all the ability to leave the house braless, without tripping over something. At fifteen I was invincible, I was sure, I was so naive.

What do you remember about being 15? For the most part I loved being 15, heart-break aside, and if I could reach back and grab my 15yr old self I think rather than tell her not to do things she did or make the mistakes she did I would just give her a big hug and let her get on with it. My teenage years went a long way towards defining what and who I would become later on.

Tell me about your 15yr old self.

And for those who were 15yr old girls, and now have grown up boys, tell me it’ll be easier!


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  1. Wow 15.. that’s probably the age I made the majority of my ‘mistakes’, I’d love to ask 15 year old me what on earth I was rebelling against with such force and to advise ‘me’ to be more selective with who you fall in love with.
    It’s an interesting age when you feel you’re on top of the world and invincible. Over 10 years later, hindsight is a very powerful tool!

  2. Funny, I wish I’d been more like that at 15. I was a girly swot. I worked hard at school, didn’t do anything with boys, I didn’t have my first kiss til 18 then didn’t sleep with a boy til I married one at 21, much to my mother’s horror, whose teen years were more like yours.

    I wasted 15 being far too earnest, and wanting to be a grown up too quickly, but in a different way to most teenagers. I couldn’t wait to have a family, a job, and escape being a teenager.

    Clearly my experience was coloured by years of bullying which stripped my confidence.

    Embrace your 15 year old self!

    1. It doesn’t sound to me like you wasted your teenage years, just spent them differently x

      Bullying is a nasty beast and the effect of it can be far reaching, I’m sorry you experienced that. I was bullied as a young teen and it isn’t something you forget.

      All in all though, waiting for those first romantic moments until you are older, wiser and more in command of your feelings can be a good choice (oh the joy of hindsight).

  3. Wow, I was a naughty 15 year old too-would sneak out to nightclubs, smoked, had boyfriends…wondering if I’m lucky not to have a daughter yet!

  4. I was very quiet at 15 and did not do any nasty stuff. My parents were strict and guided us about church.

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