The Working Mum #1

Add to bulletin board: 

  • Don’t try and write with Ben and Holly on in the background, you will start writing in Nanny Plum’s voice, which is fantastically sarcastic but doesn’t work when writing about a company’s newest line of products.
  • Don’t add kisses when you send an email to work colleagues, even if they are very nice.
  • Remember that the to do list is your friend, folding it into pretty shapes, using it as an example of how green you have become by putting it in the recycle bin and eating it nibble by nibble  are all forms of procrastination. Procrastination is just a big fancy word for being being a lazy bugger. 
  • Coffee is your best friend.


I am a working Mum. I’m in the very lucky position to be able to work full time from home as  freelance writer.

I love the work that I do! Sometimes I write press releases, sometimes I ghost blog for businesses, sometimes I write advertising pieces, sometimes I write newsletters, quite often I find myself writing website copy and very occasionally something completely random pops up like someone needing an urgent piece of copy on the history of the toilet.

My work is varied, doesn’t pay too badly and it enables me to be at home full time.  I have a 5yr old son who is a school and a 1yr old son who is at home. Surprisingly I can still manage to work full time hours; starting at 5am doesn’t hurt with this.

Doing the big juggling act can be a struggle sometimes and occasionally balls get dropped. This is fine, and as long as I don’t drop any of the children or any food, we will survive!

I am going to record some of the fun that comes with working from home. You never know. I might look back on these posts one day and learn something from them.

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