Silent Sunday 15/5/11

Silent Sunday

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    1. Well I thought of passing it off as my own but didn’t think it would fly. The 4yr old is much better than me.
      I was told at school that everyone should take a creative subject, but in my case they’d make an exception (how rude!).

  1. My two year old is sat on my knee as I write this….she looked at your picture and said “George Pig dinsaur!”……she’s obsessed with Peppa Pig and thinks the drawing looks like Mr Dinosaur 🙂 Love it!

    1. Oh that is so cute! I just told Kieran that and he said “Aww, it could be Mr Dinosaur, but Mr Dinosaur is nice, Fred is a bit mean – his teeth are sharper and he eats everyone!”.

    1. He loves Mister maker (he annoys me a tad tbh) and has decided that will be his job when he older. When he is finished being a fireman and policeman and a chef.

    1. Thank you, it’s on the fridge door for all to see, but sadly it doesn’t roar at me when I open the door to get to the forbidden goodies. Darn!

  2. Great drawing! I see from scrolling down that it’s a dinosaur – it’s very good

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