Blogging – What makes you tingle?

During the Blogger-Fail, all over Twitter have been cries of outrage, irritation, dismay at the thought of losing content. I can’t say I blame them, I’d be horrified if I thought some or all of C&C could disappear (and be somewhat pissed off I imagine too!).

No-one’s cries hit my ears harder though than J’s. J is a friend of mine who set up a blog on Thursday night. She’s never had a blog before but long since wanted a way to record and share the trial and tribulations that go with being a single mum AND being a Corporal in the British Army! Life smacked her around the back of the head a few years ago and life went from a joyride, to the most terrifying rollercoaster imaginable, but all is calm again and she is enjoying life with her gorgeous daughter, whilst building a future for them both. Her excitement at seeing the blog live and her first post up there was so touching, more so when she had that eyelash in her eye that made her look like she’d welled up. This was what she had needed, an outlet. A way to put everything together, for herself and her daughter and, being the person she is, to share with others who might find themselves in similar situations.

THIS is what blogging is. I am firmly in the “blog for the reasons you want to, blog how you want to” camp, but this was a shining example of someone really getting a kick out of just seeing what they’d written “published”.

I could tell she’s caught the bug when I received these amongst numerous other texts today.

“Urm, I can’t log in to Blogger. It say the blog isn’t there anymore!!!!”

“How long will it be down for?”

“It’s a good job I’m new else there would be a lot of disappointed followers lol”

“Urm, It’s still saying blog not found?”

“I can wait I suppose, I have had so many ideas for what I want to post about. You’ve created a monster”.

These were a select few. For J, the love is seeing it all in black and write, the achievement almost of getting it out there. I love that. She isn’t ready to share with everyone the blog, wanting to go get a few more bits and pieces on first, but when she does, it’ll be well worth the wait!

What makes you tingle about blogging, do you still tingle? Is it that someone has taken the time to comment, is it seeing your blog move up the rankings? Is it seeing how many people visited last week?

For me, I still get that buzz when I know I’ve written something good and I see the words “Post Published”, it’s out there, it’s live, and where it will go, who it will touch, I have no idea. I love that feeling! So come on then, tell me about YOUR tingle!

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  1. I’ve always been a frustrated (and sometimes frankly terrible) writer, I start fiction projects and never finish them and don’t even know if what I write is any good. I’ve not had much creativity since having my kids, I’m just not inspired in fiction writing, but in starting to blog, even about the sometimes mundane it’s nice to know I am writing something and that it is ‘out there’. Even if no-one reads it I at least have a creative outlet – it may not be fiction like I was hoping but it’s my words on the page. And sometimes it’s nice to have a freebie to review, I won’t lie ;0)

    1. Well I very much doubt you are in any way a terrible writer! I think for many blogging is about creating an outlet , be it a creative one or a therapeutic one.

  2. For me, it’s knowing that it’s my space to write and having that incredible freedom – I write and edit for a living but obviously don’t have that same freedom in my day job.

    Fabulous post x

  3. oh i loved this! Poor thing, what unlucky timing. WordPress is good you know {hint hint}.

    I love love LOVE the blank page when I click ‘add new post’ and the process of putting it all together. And then looking at it when it’s published. And the chattering with the people that comment.

    And i totally adore looking at old posts. I keep meaning to make a Blurb book of my whole blog.


    1. Very unlucky timing! The whole blog & all her blogger profile info is still missing so she’s a bit manic to say the least lol.

      I too like looking back, sometime I thing “Gawd did I really write that?!” and other times I smile & nod as I remember why I wrote about what I did.

  4. Nice post. I blog on careers advice and love the buzz of people reading my thoughts and maybe benefitting from my advice. The audience could be worldwide, usually people that you would never have met, and sometimes they are kind enough to respond with a comment.


    1. That’s it, once you’ve published, whatever your write, be it a personal post or professional, it grows legs and runs off – you have no idea where it will go or who could see it. I love that!
      I do like comments, if someone takes the time to read AND comment it definitely makes me tingle.

  5. For me blogging is a lot of things- it is therapy, it’s a way of meeting people, it’s relaxing, I enjoy keeping a diary and always have done. I also love the buzz when I write a post I am proud of and someone takes me the time to leave me a thoughtful comment.

    1. I’m still surprised when I find people have taken the time to comment, everyone is so busy nowadays so making the effort is lovely. I couldn’t keep I diary (I always thought) but in some ways isn’t that what I’m doing, certainly a diary of being Mum & about the boys!
      Thanks for reading!

  6. Two months down the line though loving blogging and all the great people you meet still makes be feel quite sick when I press publish rather like the feeling I used to get as a child when horse riding and faced with a rather large jump.

    I get more of a tingle when I read any comments I get 🙂

  7. Nothing wrong with liking comments! We all do, even if we won’t admit it lol.
    I think most still get that heart jumping a beat when they click publish, it’s a strange but lovely feeling.

  8. lovely post. for me,whenever a knew post goes up i get that tingle knowing that i have added one more record of my childrens development/antics for me to look back on. if it was written down it would be mostly forgotten. I love writing and i love producing something i think is good – another tingle!

    1. What a lovely reply. yes, I look back to the first posts I did about my second son (who is only 5.5m not) and think “was he ever THAT small?”. The clangers Kieran comes out with are priceless and I have loved recording these and his other achievements growing up. Better than “just” a photo album.

  9. Love this piece it’s all about sharing and helping that’s what makes me tingle

    1. Wondered how long it’d be before you were back on and checking, again :p

      A lot of blogs help others. “Just” by sharing experiences, others can see they aren’t the only ones who have been in that situation.

  10. Great post. For me getting comments give me a warm feeling inside – but comments on posts I choose to write. I still can’t quite believe people are reading my words. Working as a journalist in my career before children (BC) I always wrote what I was told to write. And yes, people read them. But they only ever wrote or phoned in to complain if I got something wrong or they disagreed with the article. Never got positive feedback. My dream was to be a columnist and comment on what I felt strongly about.
    This week’s debate on breastfeeding research stirred me to write something. And hearing from other mums that they’d had similar experiences, and felt better reading my post (one even said she cried), felt wonderful.

    1. A fantastic reply. You clearly do feel “the tingle” 🙂
      Positive feedback can be hard to find when you are out of the workplace, so people taking the time to comment or read something you’ve written and really put yourself into, can be a heartwarming thing!
      I was stopped in Tesco a while ago by a new mum who said she read my blog and one piece had her in tears (good tears!), and other posts she’d found really useful. I was utterly gobsmacked! More so, I didn’t know here, a complete stranger who had recognised me from my profile picture! That did more than make me tingle, I was positively vibrating! 🙂

  11. I love words. They have the power to uplift, inspire and transform and when my words do any of those things, it is the biggest thrill. I especially ‘tingle’ when I manage to touch a young person with words that start more positive outcomes in their life.

  12. I love the freedom to be able to write what I want to write about, whenever the mood so takes me. I write for a living and love my job, but there’s nothing quite like that lightbulb moment when you’re standing in the shower and have a brilliant idea for a post. And then the satisfaction when it’s written and out there for the world to see. But there’s something else too, I know it’s more than just the writing. It’s the engagement with other people also writing brilliant things, even if you don’t always agree with what they’re saying.

    Thanks for making me think about this – I hadn’t properly considered it before. x

  13. For me, it’s the thought that people have taken time and trouble to read and comment. Comments are as important as the post in my opinion, and when you see that your post has been appreciated/heard/understood and you then receive support and feedback, that buzz is still amazing after four years of blogging.

    CJ xx

  14. I consider myself new to blogging – what get’s me tingling? When I log into Woopra and see that I got X number of hits. What makes my tingle more? When I get a bunch of comments from seriously interesting people who want to share. The tingle get’s more intense when I get DM’s on twitter and then emails! Emails! From real people!! Amazing stuff that makes me want to do it all over again!
    The ultimate buzz has to be when some big time, superstar blogger posts a link to my blog and I check my stats and see that I got XXX visitors and then I tingle, I shake and I think OMG how will I ever get that buzz again?

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