Dear Boys #2 – February Half-Term

Dear Kieran,

Today’s letter is mostly for you! It’s the first day of the February half term today, and I am so excited! I hear lots of Mums grumbling about school holidays (mainly because they are very busy Mummys and it can be hard to organise work and looking after children when school is closed), but I was SO excited when the school door opened at 3.30pm yesterday and you came running out! You see, you are growing up so fast! It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago you were just a tiny thing like your brother, and later when you were a toddler and pre-schooler, we spent all day playing and baking and having fun.

Now you are older (you’ll be 5yrs old in July!) and have been in Reception since September, you have shot up and are so grown up! You have learned so much in a short time and seem so more worldly-wise / savvy than I was at your age! I’m glad you are doing so well at school and enjoy it but every now and then it’s nice to have you to myself for a little while again. You seem to feel the same too as you’ve been so excited about the half term this last week and making plans for our lego creations, PJ days and adventures. I hope you are always happy to spend time with your uncool Mum, even when you are older!

So, on with the half term, the library and a walk out today, just you and me while Taylor and Daddy chill out at home, and a pitstop for hot chocolate and squirty cream to warm us up afterwards! Then this afternoon we are gutting your bedroom, but it doesn’t matter because we always have fun when we do it together (although you have to remember whose mess it is Son!). Then a chilled out afternoon of board games, play and lego and fun with your little brother whose face already lights up when he sees you. I can see you two will be the best of friends and can’t wait until Taylor is a little bigger so you can start to play together properly.

It’s going to be a great half-term! Lets make the most of it whilst it lasts! Looking forward to all the fun!

Hugs and kisses,


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  1. What a beautiful idea sweetheart! I could have written it myself to Laura and even Daniel! They grow far too quickly don’t they? Daniel has been old enough for playgroup for 2 months now and I’m putting off taking up his place til the Summer I think cause I need him with me for as long as possible and putting him in that little jumper with a logo feels like giving him up to the world and I’ll blink and he’ll be at school! enjoy every minute sweetheart, we are, we’ve already started an EPIC fairy book and baked scrummy fairy cakes! 🙂

    1. Set of softies aren’t we! :p
      If you think that is soppy for goodness sake don’t read the first one I did, it’ll have you sniffing into your sleeve. Must have been having a soft day lol!
      (And yes, refusing to blink as I know how quickly Kieran has grown so no doubt Taylor will do the same!).

  2. I think we are so fortunate to know these are blessed days rather than moaning oh no the kids are off school again. We and thety are lucky we have this aareness becauses these wonder years whizz away. A lovely letter Nicki x

    1. Thanks Becky. In some ways I love watching him sprout and develop into the fab boy is is (and man I know he will be one day) but other days I could just scream Stoooooooooooooppppppppppp!

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