Fat Club #5 – Holy Cow – is THAT my waist?

And… another 1.5lb off (hooray!) making my total loss in 4 weeks… a whopping 10lb.

Getting to 13st 4lb today also got my 5% award, which consisted of a 5% sticker and a smiley with a clowns hat sticker. After having these stuck onto the front of my weigh-in record card, my day was complete! The next target for me is 1st off and to achieve that I need to lose another 4lb so I’m aiming for 2 weeks for that. Heres hoping!!

Highlights of this week:

  • Moving to notch 4 on my belt (I was at notch 2 when I started Weight Watchers 4 weeks ago)
  • Being motivated enough to walk the “long” way round on the school runs – ok, it’s only about 200m different one way but that’s 800m a day on school runs alone.
  • Buying a DRESS, yes a DRESS (the last one I wore was very white and came with a veil!)
  • My husband telling me I look gorgeous and he’s really proud of my weight loss so far.

I’m nowhere near my target yet but keep reading- I’ll get there and there will be a hell of a party when I do!

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