New year, and I'm ridiculously excited!

I love New Year!

I always used to get excited opening a new exercise book at school on the first day of term so New Year has me in rapture!

A new start, a fresh page… I find it all so motivating. I do two things on the 1st Jan – firstly a no-holds barred life laundry day. Room at a time, huge declutter, clean, sort and throw/recycle. Nothing survives the cull! I start in the kitchen which is the hub of our house and move on, even the paperwork is sorted through and filed away. It’s a great feeling when it’s done. It may run over to tomorrow this year as I want to “life-laundry” my pc too, emails, contacts, work to finish, laptop maintenance. That will keep me busy!

The second thing I do is an intention list. New Years Resolutions for some are doomed to fail, we tend to start them with the mindset that they won’t last, or be able to be managed for long and by Mid-Feb we are hanging up the NYR hat. Instead I “intend” to try and do these things, no pressure! (It’s all in the mind but works for me lol!).

In 2011 I intend to:

  • Take more photos and make sure they are labelled and stored properly!
  • Lose weight (that old chestnut!). I have PCOS and one of the fab side-effects of that is that I find it very hard to control my weight. I need to lose a good couple of stone to help control the pcos and reduce the risk of health problems later. Oh, and I dislike feeling like a Weeble!
  • I will dress like a woman. Seriously – my wardrobe is functional at best. Jeans, black top, flat boots. That is it. This year there will be colour (gently introduced so as not to shock my system too much), possibly a new hairdo and definitely some heels (ok low heels).
  • Continue trying to be the best Mum and wife I can be. So important so definitely needs putting down.

That will do for now. What are your intentions for 2011? I’d love to  hear so do comment!

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