Thank Gawd It's Over!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, the food, family, music, smells, traditions.. the whole thing but enough already!
Today (the 27th!), we did the whole post-xmas sort out. -rubbish bagged up, top to bottom reorganise and declutter, homes found for new toys and recycle bin or the tip for old and unwanteds, yup basically we’ve gutted the place.
The Xmas decs are down and carefully packed and stored for next year and not one tree needle or spec of tinsel  remains, and even Kieran seems more relaxed. His “Ooooh the living room looks so big again now so I can play properly!” makes me think that perhaps he will take after me when it comes to obsessive decluttering.

See – the crazy has already started take hold!
Now it’s time for putting the new pages into the Filofax, doing a budget check (I always ring all my providers at the beginning of the year and throughout to check rates, payments, best deals etc), to find a decent 2011 wall calender that suits our needs (not as easy as it sounds), and to do a pre-school term to-do list and another “New Year” work and home list.

I realise I either sound very organised, more than a little obsessive or like an escapee from the Grinch homeland but by this time, as much as I love and adore Xmas….. I’ve had enough! I’m screaming out for normality (ok normality around here may be a stretch but you know what I mean ) and I start acting a bit insane if I don’t see the Xmas tree box out and ready to be filled by mid-morning on the 27th!
Is this just me – or does the sound of Xmas bells and the Christmas clutter start to get to you after the Big Day is over?

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