More From CSN Stores (for me this time – hooray!)

Well now that baby is here safe and sound, I am having to turn my attention back to “normal matters”, ie Xmas shopping at the moment being one of the key things! I was thrilled recently to be recontacted by CSN Stores whom I did a giveaway for via this blog a little while ago that proved to be very popular. CSN wanted to know if I wanted a voucher from them to buy myself something this time which I could review and well, it would be churlish to refuse really lol!

CSN offer a huge range of items across their six sites fromĀ bedroom furniture, to cookware, lighting and more! Initially I thought this would a great opportunity to knock something off the Xmas shopping list but have decided I am going to treat myself / get something nice for the house…. now I just need to narrow the want list down lol!

Why not have a look yourself, it’s a great place for sprucing your home up or getting that all important gift.

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