What a farce! Waste of time and energy.

Clearly I am in a rant!

I had to go back to the hospital today to see 1) the diabetic consultant and 2) the Gynae/Mat consultant and have a scan as last week there was a noticeable drop in amniotic fluid around the bubs (little drama king!), and also to check re my csection and get a date for both that and for admittance the week before for 2 days to have IV steroids with bubs being delivered early.

The Diabetic consult was laughable, he looked at my levels, put them up, garbled something then said bye and made for the door (clearly had somewhere better to be!). I had to ask him to wait, ask for a pen and ask him to repeat the dosage adjustments he wanted me to make as he hadn’t written anything down, just thrown some figures and fancy words around and attempted to flee. What a waste of time! I am rung every other day by the diabetic team who are nothing short of fantastic, they take my latest blood readings and adjust over the phone (bearing in mind its a 30min one way bus journey to the hospital). So why waste my time?

The Maternity appointment – well that was equally amusing. After a lengthy wait I had a scan looking specifically for the fluid levels. Then bloods and gubbings then after more of a wait- the consultant. This was not my usual consultant but not unknown to me as she was my fertility consultant!!
The conversation went as follows:

Her: Ok, so you are here because…..
Me: *Sigh*, baby’s amniotic levels were pretty low last week and I was told this is usual as with G Diabetes babies they usually have excess fluid.
Her: Ahh yes.
Her: Well it says the levels are normal on last week’s?
Me: Yes but on the scan report on the next page it says different.
Her: Ahh yes.
Her: Well because of your levels (diabetes-wise) you will have to be induced at 38 weeks.
Me: Yes I am having a csection  at 38wks and I was told by the other consultant to talk to you regarding booking a date today for that and for being admitting the week before for steroids as baby is being delivered early.
Her: Well looking at your levels (blood sugar wise) we may need to induce earlier than 38 weeks.
(Please bear in mind I am 34wks tomorrow)
Me: OH! I hadn’t realised that, how much earlier?
Her: Well I don’t see the point of discussing your csection plans etc when I am not your usual consultant and you have been in discussion regarding this with her already. I see you are in to see her on Tuesday after another growth scan, so you can organise dates with her then. I want you back in on Friday for another scan for the fluid to see if there is any change.
Seeing as your fluid is low we are going to put you on a CTG monitor so we can properly monitor baby’s movements and heart as it is easier to detect any abnormalities when you have less fluid.

And she was gone. Seriously. I am not amused. So 1) I do apparently still have lower fluid, the significance of this at this stage with everything else I don’t know, 2) Heart defects? Who said anything about that? 3)You don’t see the point of discussion my impending csection or booking dates, ok so why are you here, or more to the point why am I? Oh and just to point out- IF 37weeks is when I deliver, and I don’t find out until next week (35wks), I have a maximum of 2 weeks notice of csection, 1 week notice of the date I am admitted for pre-delivery steroids.
Um, I don’t drive so need to sort transport, I have a 4year old to look after / arrange care for, school pickups/drop-off etc, Roy hasn’t any leave left to take and I will need him at home from csection day so I definitely need to tell him a date so he can tell his work for paternity leave!


Am I being ridiculously hormonal or was today one of the biggest wastes of time ever?
Thank gawd the support staff were on usual top form today (they are fab, both in the diabetic team and the lovelies in maternity) else I might have stolen a buggy for consultant ramming purposes!

Back on Friday for another scan to check the fluid, then Tuesday to see my “proper” consultant, and boy will I have some things to discuss!

Watch this space!

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  1. The heart thing she mentioned probably isn't defect related. I had low fluid with #1 and his heart was monitored throughout labour. This was because the low fluid levels caused him to lean on his cord and when he did, his heart rate dropped. There were no issues after birth.Hope your upcoming appointments are more useful!

  2. Thanks for commenting, useful answer – you should be a consultant :p (A good one!).I figured it was something along those lines, but the throwaway and somewhat flippant comment made me cross!Usually I haven't a bad word to say about any of the hospital staff as they have been brilliant but today was a nightmare!

  3. Poor Nicki! Consultant's are useless, I seriously wonder why they bother with them. When I had my 2nd pregnancy they detected some slight abnormal reading early on in my bloods – cue blood tests every two weeks, followed by appts with consultants, all of whom were hopeless!! I assume they are great in the very serious problems where their expertise is required, but they don't seem to learn much bedside manner on the way up. My appts with my GP and/or midwife were always much more helpful. the only silver lining, I guess, is that at least it isn't for long that you have to put up with this nonsense. Hope it all gets sorted out – try not to let it get to you. And the one plus point of a c-section, btw, is that your hubby gets to dress up in scrubs and looks rather good in them (don't look at the feet, silly shoes!)!!

  4. Oh big hugs sorry to hear you have such a wasted journey they never take in to consideration that you have a real life. But at the same time your and the babies health is the most important . Big hugs xxxxx

  5. Oh dear, you have my sympathy. As you know, I had low fluid with J, and had weekly growth scans and twice weekly CTG to monitor his heart function, and placenta. Luckily my consultant was very reassuring and explained everything and understood my anxiety (J had other probs too). The CTG will be to check the blook flow through the cord, rather than checking the heart for defects, if that's of any reassurance. Hope the next appointment goes better x

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