Well that wasn’t quite what I had planned!

What a bloody week!
Last week I had to go into the hospital for a check-up – during which they found glucose in my urine. Due to the levels I was asked to come in the next day for a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). I had this test years ago when I was diagnosed with pcos, which apart from fertility issues, also can have the  downside of insulin resistance. Then I was clear. This time I wasn’t. I have gestational diabetes.

First off all – homebirth is an absolute no go. Anyone who read my blogs Homebirth – Do I/Don’t I? Or Homebirth #2– the decision will know how much time went into deciding what I really wanted birth-choice-wise and how much I was looking forward to it so this was not good news for me.
I had the GTT test, results and contact from the diabetic centre all within 12hrs which was quite impressive. The diabetic nurse rang me to arrange for me to pick up a blood sugar tester and instructions from my local health centre and testing commenced. Today I was back at the hospital – first to the maternity unit. I have had a scan, bloods, have seen the consultant….twice…more bloods… yup a really busy day. THEN over to the diabetic clinic to see my liaison there, the dietician and arrange for a diabetic consult to review my result.

How things stand now:
I was told that they are dating me now as 32wks (not 30+6!) and that bubs is not over big and looks fine so far.
If my blood sugar levels cannot be stabilised and controlled by diet alone, I will need Metformin (a tablet) but possibly also insulin. If I need Met or Insulin I will be induced at 38wks, if I can be stabilised with diet alone…. I will be induced at 40wks.

Guess What?!
My blood sugar levels are much higher than expected/ than they are happy with, the dietician is happy that my diet is a sensible one and that no alterations made now will have a big enough effect so Metformin it is (hopefully this will help enough to avoid insulin!) so induction at 38weeks is the way to go.
This means that our due date of 8th Dec is now 16th Nov, at the latest. Bloody hell!

It has been a tough few days going from being fine, and planning a homebirth, to being diagnosed as having gestational diabetes, looking at treatment, induction at 38th and a heavily monitored birth.

Not ideal by any means but what can a girl do. Am I disappointed by the no-go homebirth, YES, am I more concerned about the risk to bubs and myself, and the risk that the GD will not simply go away after but that they will signal the beginning of pcos-related insulin/diabetic problems – YES.
Most of all am I just so glad that the hospital are being on the ball and that so far *touch wood* both bubs and myself are doing just fine.

It’s been a little bit of a full of week to say the least but the Cawood Clan are keeping in good spirits and hey- as long as bubs remains fine, the bright side is that we get to meet him sooner and start being a family of four 🙂 

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  1. Crikey you must be shattered after that rollercoaster. I'm so impressed by your positive attitude – main thing is absolutely that you're both doing fine. I had a 2nd homebirth planned but DS2 was measuring practically off the scale huge & I had the GTT but luckily was clear. My homebirth was cancelled too due to size but all was fab in the end 🙂 I was a complete control freak about birth no. 1 but birth no. 2 showed me that you can't ever really plan – just make the best decisions you can in the circumstances. Wishing you a happy, healthy rest of your pregnancy & a straightforward birth xx

  2. oh love – am sorry you wont be getting your home birth. But remember I had one planned, was adamant wasnt going into hospital and you know what I ended up with lol! At the time was gutted but now looking back I can say it was the best thing to do. I had a happy healthy baby which is the most important thing.Great news that the hosp are on the ball tho – a lot of them arent!Fingers crossed everything else goes as planned.xxxxx

  3. Oh Nicki – you poor thing, what a couple of days. Glad you and bubs are ok though, that really is the most important thing. Hopefully rest of pregnancy goes smoothly and we get to welcome Baby Cawood a little early!Make sure you try and rest! XX

  4. So sorry to read that you will not be able to have your home birth but great that your hospital has picked this up and acted so quick. As you say, the most important thing is that you and bubs are ok…stay positive hun and you'll be just fine! x

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