Want something for nothing?

We have teamed up with CSNStores, who sell everything from wardrobes to lighting, from kitchenware to loo roll holders (you can never have too many) and candlesticks, who are offering a £25 voucher to one lucky winner to use on anyone of their 6 websites.

All you have to do to be in with a chance is to leave a comment telling me which of my blog-posts you like best and why (it doesn’t have to an essay i.e. “I like the birth story one as it’s bloody hilarious”)! The winner will be chosen by the long suffering husband via randomiser, and I will contact the winner with their e-voucher code so they can get cracking with the shopping!

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  1. Love the 4 babies and business but I am biased, lol.Ph and your Move Over Man Flu one too – you looked so ill. Well done for doing a blog whilst suffering.

  2. i like your that wasnt quite what i had planned blog, it just goes to show that children even before birth are very unpredictable lil blighters and my partner is diabetic so know how much of a shock it must have been and how scary it is!! good luck for cawood baby 2 though!!

  3. I like your reviews for Titch and Mitch…being an aspiring childrens writer, its good to see peoples reviews of childrens stories!

  4. I loved the Are you an Own Brand Snob, made me laugh as I saw myself pushing the trolley camoflaguing the own brand cereal.Love Comments of the day too though, so funny.

  5. i lurrrveeddd you blog, we are not amused, pregnancy and blooming lol! the image of you breaking the sofa had me in stitches and your rant on not finding the right length/size maternity trousers made my week1 keep up the good work xx sophia111@hotmail.co.uk

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