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As I’m looking out my window at the pouring rain and deepening puddles I again give myself a mental kick and remind myself it’s about time we started thinking about swimming lessons for Kieran. It’s such a valuable skill to have, both for safety reasons but also for health and exercise and I really do believe kids should start at a young age (another mental kick for not practicing what I preach!).
On that note, I would like to introduce this fab guest post from Splish Splosh!

As you may be aware, free swimming to those under 16 and over 60 has been one of the casualties of the current coalition government’s efforts to save money. Although some local authorities have taken it upon themselves to continue the scheme to enable residents to benefit from taking pleasure and learning to experience the many benefits of the water, it is a terrible consequence of the current economic climate.
With a third of all children under the age of 11 unable to swim with any confidence, and a fifth leaving primary school without the ability to swim at all, this situation will only worsen without parental intervention.
For children, swimming can be a great leisure pursuit, means of staying healthy and way to have fun. For our parents the knowledge that their children are mastering a lifesaving skill is one of the main attractions. As a third of all accidental deaths occur as a result of drowning, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), as an island nation the team at Splish Splosh are keen to encourage everyone to take to the water. 
Here at Splish Splosh our founder and managing director, Vicky Pettitt, experienced the fear that can be felt by being unable to swim as she struggled in the water as a child whilst on holiday. From that moment she endeavoured to master the skill of swimming, going on to swim for Saddleworth Swimming Club and then working as a life guard for Oldham Leisure Services, eventually following her dreams to establish Splish Splosh Swimming School.
From the early days back in 2005 Splish Splosh taught just a handful of students at Mount School in York for a few hours a week, today we are proud to announce that our qualified swimming teachers tutor for over 1500 hours a week in numerous schools, along with top fitness centres.
With a philosophy to provide excellent customer service in premium surrounds, our recent expansion across the UK has seen us locate in numerous DW Sports Fitness centres, including Middlesbrough, Cambridge, Telford and Trafford.
With the luxury facilities the fitness centre offers together with the maximum class size of eight children per ASA Level 2 qualified Splish Splosh Team member, our students  thrive on the service we provide.  
Here at Splish Splosh we work to a programme for those over the age over 12 months of fun, safety and sport, enabling the development of a skill that can last a lifetime!

You can contact Vicky and the team by phone on 08442641102, Email  , via Twitter,  Facebook , or why not have a gander at the main website  and at their blog!

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